Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sorry It Has Been So Long

I guess the only person I am really apologizing to is Joel, because he is the only one who will get on my case about not updating my blog. Well it has been over a week and not to make excuses, but basketball has started and so by the time I get home, get dinner together and eat, I am ready for bed. So it really is just my lack of motivation that has not kept up with this in the last week. Last weekend was full of football. Luke Kasten was here also for Isaac's baptism. So Friday was the big game against Concordia and Lutheran North (which is where Pete teaches), Concordia ended up losing in the last 3 seconds when North kicked a fieldgoal, not after numerous opportunities to stop them. So of course Pete was a bragging machine for the next 4 hours. We all went (Chad, Pete, Luke, myself, and Lisa another teacher at North) to Molly Malone's for some food. Then the rest of the Kasten guys came out after Paul was done at school. Saturday brought the Michigan/Michigan State game, of course not being shown here on ABC, so we went to BW-3's for the entire game, we were there for 4 and a 1/2 hours. Good thing I brought a magazine. Kim and Odie showed up, so Kim and I played the trivia game for the majority of the afternoon. Pete came right at the end of regulation. Pete, Chad and I decided to see a movie, Friday Night Lights. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a go-get em' type sports movie, but it isn't, but it is very real-life of Texas football. Sunday then was the Lions/Cowboys game, which of course again was not on here, but we at least didn't go anywhere to watch it. We instead watched the Texans game. That night was Isaac'a openhouse for his baptism. We also got the be the lucky ones who handed out candy for trick or treaters, that was only because we were sitting in the front room, closest to the front door. So our weekend was full of football and that was about it.

Basketball is now in full swing, we have our first game on Tuesday. I only have nine girls on my team, but they are good girls and I am really looking forward to the season. I think that Chad was talking about coming to practice today to be my 10th, because then I don't have to play and I can just watch what is going on. We are also looking forward to Thanksgiving with everyone coming. We talked to all the Minnesota people on Monday and Jay got off work on Wednesday, so they are able to leave a lot earlier and now they will be here on Thursday morning. Anne is coming on Tuesday night, late. And Pete is just always here.

There will be more football this weekend, but you can leave me out of it. Chad and Pete are going to Austin for the Texas/Oklahoma State game on Saturday. I have a scrimmage in the morning and then nothing. I hope that everyone is doing well and we can't wait to see you at Christmas, which is only like 53 days away.