Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nice Weather and Baseball

Well another week has passed and I am again trying to figure out where all the time has gone. I shouldn't be complaining that the time goes fast, but there are some days where I just need to stop and try to remember what I did the day before. I'll chalk that one up to mom and her forgetfulness. I left you last Thursday with the doctor and people are still making jokes about the bigger kid we have. I am not allowed to call it the "fat kid" because it offends it's grandma Heffelfinger. Friday was work, which is three one year olds and then it was straight to babysitting for a 6 month old. I had Isaac after school on Friday. We just hung out at the Keiper's house and Chad met us there. Paul got home around 8:30 and then the three of us just hung out and talked about school and sports. Christa finally made it home by about 10pm.

Saturday was another day of baseball for Chad. He was up and at school by 6:45am. He played at 10am and then again at 1:15, in Cleveland, which is about an hour and a half away. The 1:15 game was a surprise, because they weren't suppose to play until 4pm. So he got home at about 5:30, which was a lot earlier than thought. We headed out for some dinner and then for the fun of the evening was grocery shopping.

This week has just gone by and it seems like I sometimes forget what day it is. It has been work and baseball. I am just happy that the weather has been nice and so I am not sitting watching baseball freezing. Baseball was on Tuesday and then again today. I had Isaac again on Tuesday and we watched some softball and baseball. Tuesday was not a good game. They ended up losing 14-2, the team was a very well coached team and had some good talent on it. I had the luxury of sitting next to some parents who I no longer wonder why their children have the attitudes they do. I'll just sum it up, that as soon as their sons were taken out of the game, they all left. So then I had the luxury of sitting by some girls from Tomball High School, who one is the girlfriend of one of the players. I'll sum that one up by saying, I think my IQ went down 10 points for having to listen to them talk. Today's game is at 4:30, so that might mean will be home before 8pm.

This weekend is actually a weekend where there isn't too much going on. No baseball tournaments. Chad does have to be at school on Saturday morning for Market Day Delivery, but that is only for about 2 hours. I think that it will just a be a weekend for catching up on sleep for Chad and trying to get school work done before Spring Break.

We are looking forward to the short trip home, it will be a nice change of scenery for 2 days. We have also been thinking about maybe taking a road trip during the week over to San Antonio. We will see how the weather is and how much stuff we have to get done around here.