Thursday, March 03, 2005

We Let Our Kid Be The Fat Kid

The kid isn't even born yet, and it already has been labeled the fat kid. So I went for a follow-up ultrasound with the long wait doctor. The good news is that I didn't have to go downtown and I didn't have to wait for 2.5 hours. I waited for only about 5 minutes. So here it goes. Note: Chad didn't go with me, because he is missing school today and tomorrow because of baseball, so I exempted him from going.

The doctor was in a much better mood than last time, she asked how I was doing and how things were going. I told her good. So she was about to get started and she made the comment of, "Wow, you are a lot bigger than the last time I saw you, what have you been eating?". In my mind I was thinking, well you saw me 5 weeks ago, of course I'm bigger. So I told her that actually in the last few weeks my appetite has gone down. So she did her magic and the cysts that were there, are now gone and the baby is all nice and healthy. She again asked if I knew what I was having and I responded with "a baby". She actually laughed and then made a joke about carrying a kangaroo in that pouch. So she was finished taking all the measurements and asked if I had any questions. So I proceeded to ask her about the decreased appetite. She told me that it is because with the baby growing it puts pressure on the stomach and so I feel full faster. Makes sesnse to me and I would have been fine with that answer. She continues on, to let me know that this isn't going to harm the baby at all, because it is already 2 lbs. 11 oz. So at this point I am laughing to myself and wish Chad was there to hear that. So she showed me the graph of "normal" growth and our kid was on the upswing of the graph. So once I finally got to the car, I was able to have a good laugh to myself.

After the appointment, I ran by school, to take care of a few things. Suzanne, the Spanish teacher, was in the office and I was talking to her and had to tell her, how we have a fat kid. So we all had a few laughs and I went home. Suzanne, not being able to keep the fat kid jokes away, yells down the hall to Chad after school about having the "fat kid". Chad has no idea what she is talking about and so when I picked him up, we had a good laugh about it. So even before your kid is born, it is already labeled.

If the baby keeps growing at the rate it is, that means it could come a little early. I go to my regular doctor this morning and I'm sure that he will have a good laugh with me too. So don't think that you kid isn't already being labeled, even in the womb.


Jon Mierow said...

Someone has to carry on in Dad's tradition! Now you just need to make sure s/he has a stupid friend and a skinny friend growing up so that s/he turns out "normal" like the current three amigos :) Glad to hear things are going well. How long are you guys going to be in Milwaukee? Elsa and Jill have Spring Break from the 19-28, so hopefully we can see ya soon. TTYL.