Friday, April 29, 2005

Last Day of Work

Well today was the last day of work for me. It was a relief, but at the same time, it is weird to think about not having to go. Fridays are always an easy day anyways, with usually only 3 kids there, but today was extra easy, because there were only two. One of the boys in on vacation in Oregon. Well now it is try to get as much rest as possible before the baby comes, because we all know there won't be much gotten after.

Other news; Chad left this morning at 5:50am to drive to Austin for a meeting at Concordia for his intern that is coming in June. He had to attend a meeting to tell all the details and things like how to evaluate the intern and what their duties are. Then that was to be over at about 3, then it was a 90 mile drive to Waco for baseball. The first play-off game is tonight. It is win or go home, so we will see if they play next week or not. So that means he will be getting home about midnight tonight. So I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a sleeping in day.

Mom and dad are getting ready to come down here. Mom is ready, because it is hot here and the sun is out, so she can get a tan. The pool has been filled with kids all week. Today was the hottest yet. It was a hot 90 degrees. There is suppose to be a cool front coming in tonight and it should only be about 79 tomorrow. I love when the weathermen use the term cool/cold front.

Then we will be having visitors on June 25-27. Amy, Joel, Ben, and mom are coming for a quick weekend visit. I have already warned Joel that it is going to be hot, so he will just have to grin and bear it. The Astros are in town that weekend against the Rangers, so Joel and Chad can head out to that sometime.

Concordia has called a vice-principal and he accepted, so that is a load off Paul's shoulders, because now he can focus on being athletic director. We are still waiting to see what happens with basketball, we still need a varsity coach. There is also a call out for Executive Director and they were here this week visiting from Indiana. They have a daughter who would be a sophomore and so she was shadowing yesterday and was in athletic period with me.

One of the moms from work, whose sister teaches with Chad and CLHS, and I were talking for a bit on Wednesday morning and got to figure that she might have had Jana in class while she was student teaching at Martin Luther in the fall of 1990. She was student teaching with Mr. Riegles and had sophomore English. It was kind of weird how we figured it out, but there is that small Lutheran world again.

Well not too much else, just going to be hanging out this weekend. It is Confirmation here, so on Sunday we will head over to the Wilke's since Michael is being confirmed. Other than that, just looking forward to the month of May going quickly, I know that Chad is too. I do get to babysit Isaac a couple of times each week for the next two weeks and Christa is filling in as a sub at CLHS. Well I hope that everything is going well. We will talk to you soon.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A Random Day Off of School

Well that is what today is, a random day off of school. Well for Chad it is because this past weekend was Prom and so I think that they have learned to just take the day off, instead of having kids just not show up to school. I have off too, but that is because I believe today is a Staff Development day, but since I don't have to go to those, it is just a day off. It makes a nice break for Chad, because now it is like, okay just 4 weeks of classes and then finals. It is kind of like a little go get em' kind of day. It should gear you up for the rest of the year. The past weeks have gone by quickly, but not too much exciting has gone on. We have had the usual of baseball, doctor appointments, babysitting Isaac, and relaxing.

Baseball's regular season is done this week and then the playoffs begin next weekend. They are suppose to play on Saturday for the first playoff game, but they are trying to get it moved to Friday. They then will play until they lose. Baseball has been interesting and a learning experience for both Chad and I. It was kind of like football season. They take this very seriously and if anyone messes with it, they are in for big trouble.

Doctor appointments are now coming every two weeks, instead of four. It is almost more of a hassle, because now it is a 5 minute appointment every two weeks. Everything is good, we are getting closer and have just 8 weeks to go. I keep saying that it would be nice to only have 6 or 7 weeks to go.

This weekend we spent a lot of time not at home, which is a little unusual. Friday Chad went golfing in the afternoon, well 4pm and then when he got home, we went over to the Wilke's house for dinner. We hung out there until about 11:00 and then headed home. Saturday brought a little cleaning and then some errand running. We have been looking for a bassinet, but then realized that it would be easier to just get one of the pack n' plays with the bassinets in them, it will be more convienent and cheaper. Then we watched the Brewers lose and the Tigers lose. We then headed over to the Keiper's house for some bbq. We ended up staying there until about 11:30, I don't think Paul wanted us to leave until him and Chad had finished all the beer. Sunday was church and then Pete and the Schlicker's came over for dinner. We just grilled hamburgers. We got to play some cards, while Shelby watched Finding Nemo 3 times. Today is going to be laundry and grocery shopping. Chad has practice this afternoon.

I think that this is the longest since the baseball season starts that I haven't been at a baseball game, but the Brewers are in town on Wednesday and Thursday and so we are planning on going to the game on Wednesday night. We have been watching them, but the last few games there hasn't been anything to watch. Chad has also been watching his Tigers faithfully.

Work is going well, it has to when you only have 5 more days of it. I am looking forward to not having to chase the kids around, but I am and I know that Chad is hoping I just don't get to bored. I figure I won't, because I will still have Athletic Period twice a week and baseball might still be going on.

Well hope that everyone is enjoying spring weather, it has looked like it has been nice up north. Here it is usually about 80 degress during the day and then about 60 at night. Haven't had to turn the air on yet, but I have a feeling some May it might be needed. Well, Ben Janetzke, happy birthday this week, we have card sitting on the counter, but am waiting for your address from your parents, so it will get there sometime this week. Ben Chapman, there is a package being mailed to you this week, I am going to the post office today with it. Hope you all have a great week.

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Been Awhile

I'm surprised that I haven't gotten a call from my brother-in-law telling me that I need to update my blog. He is usually good for that. Maybe he is trying to be a little bit nicer. Well it has been awhile and it is no excuse for not writing. I last wrote during spring break right when we got home from San Antonio. Our company arrived on Friday evening, just in time to see the end of the Michigan State game. Saturday was a nice day to just sleep in for a little bit and then we went to school to take the grand tour. This visit was more about relaxing and actually visiting than going and doing things. Sunday was Easter, we went to 8am service, we just didn't think we would make it to sunrise. Plus we didn't want to take the chance of the same thing happening that happened last year at Trinity. We drove around downtown after church and saw the sights of Houston. We were planning on going out to dinner, but instead decided to order in pizza and watch basketball.
Monday took Chad, his dad, and Kurt to the golf course. They ended up playing 18 holes. Then it was off to practice for Chad. We took his dad, Kendra, and Kurt over a little later to watch the end of practice and then to play out on the field. His mom and I went on a furniture hunt for a glider. It was our wedding present. We found one at USA Baby and the boys put it together that night. They then went on the nightly run to Wal-Mart and got our crib set. Chad's dad spent most of Tuesday morning/early afternoon putting it together. He got it all together and I spent the rest of the week putting the room together. We went to Chad's baseball game down at North and they left for Dallas from there.
The rest of the week was "normal" as usual. Work and games and babysitting for me. I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and then I had Isaac for just a couple of hours after school. Since it was for a short time, he came over here and played with a lot of the toys that we have gotten. He even caught a short nap in the crib. The weekend brought a game on Friday for Chad, but it was just one, so he was actually home before 8pm. Saturday was some errand running and watching the final four. Let's just say that Chad was pretty upset after the State loss. While I was running errands at Wal-Mart, the power went out in the store, but I found it odd that the check-outs still were up and running. Sunday was church and correcting papers for Chad. We then went to the Wilke's for dinner and to watch the baseball game. We also watched the Brewers game live on Saturday on the computer. Today it was back to work and another week. Chad has just 5 weeks of classes and then a week of finals left. I am going to be done working at the end of April and so I have just a few more weeks.
We are having visitors in May and then the summer will be here and our lives will be turned upside down. Hope that spring has gotten to you in the north. We are enjoying the warm here, but not looking forward to the hot hot summer.