Monday, May 16, 2005

Finals Week

Well it is the last week of school for Chad and let's just say that he is pretty excited. This week are finals. There is a half day today, which basically is a review day for all classes and then the next 4 days are finals. In Chad fashion, he hasn't written his final yet, but I know that it will get done in time like he always does. Next week he will have meetings, but those are usually only for half days and not usually until the afternoons. He will have graduation this weekend on Sunday and there have been a few parties that we have been invited too, so we will see where those take us.

This weekend, mom and dad came down and we enjoyed the warm weather and just hanging out. They got here on Thursday afternoon. After Chad and I walked almost the entire Bush Intercontinenal Airport looking for them, we did finally find them. Friday Chad had school, so dad took him there and then went for his morning coffee. Mom, dad, and I ventured out to Garden Ridge (a home store-mom's idea) and then ate lunch. After school, Chad and dad got in a round of golf and I helped mom put her digital pictures onto her laptop. Saturday we went to breakfast and then a little bit of running around, but mom did manage to get in some sun. We weren't sure what we were going to do, but then we ended up at the Astros game, since Clemens was pitching. It was pretty packed and hot, especially since we were sitting up pretty high, but at least it was on an aisle. Sunday was church and listening to the Brewer's game. During church Chad got the idea of how to listen to the Brewer's game downstairs when the computer is upstairs, use the baby monitor. That is what he did and it actually worked pretty good. We dropped our guests off at the airport around 4pm and headed home to do some grocery shopping. Chad isn't sure if mom is going to make it through the next month until she comes back, but we figure it will be all good. She's got things to keep her busy.

No doctor's appointments this week, but we are meeting with the pediatrician and going on the hospital tour of the birthing center. We have just 4 weeks to go and have a feeling that they may be some of the longest four weeks there are. We are already looking forward to our visitors in June.

The days are getting hotter here, so any visitors be ready for the heat. We have 4 steps to our humidity, from top to bottom: Super, Stuffy, Sticky, and Stiffling. Last week is was just stuffy, but this week it is suppose to raise up to Sticky. The air was turned on last week Tuesday and I'm sure it won't be turned off until the fall.

We are looking forward to the summer, I think Chad will just be happy that he doesn't have to go to school everyday. I'm sure that he will be up there his fair share of the time, but at least it won't be everyday all day. It is also nice to not have to move this summer. A first in three years.