Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Well it is Memorial Day today, but it isn't like it used to be. Usually this day meant a day off of school, but school is over now, so it doesn't really seem like a day off. It is important to remember those who did/do serve our country, so that is what we do.

This week has been a long and very full week. This week was meetings for Chad at school. I attended the Tuesday meetings, because they were for the Athletic Department. We talked about all the issues and items that have come up in the past year and how to resolve them. Not too much got resolved, but a lot of concerns were aired. Wednesday was out shower at Diane's. It was a good time. There were about 35 people there and it wasn't a girly shower (meaning there were no games or prizes to be won). We just got to hang out with the staff and get together. We ended up staying until about 11. We were the last ones to leave, but we were just talking with Diane and so it didn't even seem like it was 11pm. Then Thursday was a doctors appointment. He told me that I have begun to dialate and so the process is starting and we made an appointment for this week, but we are hoping to not have to get to it. I'm sure that I will, because it seems like this kid is never going to come. The weekend brought another movie night on Friday. We went and saw Madacascar. It was cute. It wasn't the best we've seen, so we recommend to wait until it comes out on video. The nice this is that the cinema in Tomball runs first rate movies, but it is always only $3.50 to see them, so it isn't like we are spending the $8 a person for the movies. Then Saturday was suppose to be a graduation party, but I fell asleep and Chad didn't want to wake me up, so we didn't go, but it was still quite hot out, so I don't know how long we would have lasted anyways. Sunday was church and I actually got Chad to go to early church, so we were home a whole lot earlier than normal. We also got to watch the Brewers all weekend on TV, instead of the computer, since they were playing the Astros. Today we went to Kim and Andrew's new house to grill out and hang out. It is a very nice house, it is one of the only one's done in the new subdivision and so it is a little weird having half done houses around them. It is nice and makes Chad want to move into a house tomorrow.

Chad has baseball camp this week during the evenings and then it is just playing the waiting for the baby game. This week for me is just grin and bear it for a little bit longer. It still is hot, so not too much activity outside. Just keeping up with the laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping. That way Chad won't have to take on too much in the next couple of weeks.

Here is an interesting fact for some of you, who think we live in a small town. This just proves the point. Next Saturday, June 11th, there is a Ku Klux Klan meeting being held at the community center. It isn't a rally, because they are not here to recruit members, but it is more of a informational meeting and exhibit all about what they are about. There is going to be some major protesting and so we are hoping not to have to go out of the house that day. It says that the city is not promoting it, but they have the right to free speech. There was a big article in the paper last week. They keep saying that is just for information and they are not trying to rectruit members, they won't even be handing out applications, but you can only attend if you are caucasian. It is pretty freaky to think that that is going to be going on.

Well with that in mind, we are hoping to be at the hospital or home from the hospital when all of that is happening. We are just getting anxious for the baby to get here and are hoping that everything goes well. We can't wait to tell you about it and post some pictures on here.


Jon Mierow said...

Glad to hear things are going ok. FYI - we just bought a townhouse in Burnsville! I'll be sure to email you guy some pics. As for peanut - hurry up! Just have Chad yell at the kid or something :) Hope you're doing well and surviving the heat.