Friday, May 06, 2005

One Week Down...

Well it has been a whole week since I have been at work and I am still wondering where the better part of the week went. I know that Chad was worried that I was going to be bored, or have nothing to do, but I don't think that will be a problem. Monday was spent doing laundry and cleaning up a bit, but as Chad thinks, it really isn't cleaning, because this place is clean enough for his standard. Let's just say that I tackled the bathroom good. Tuesday was Athletic Period, which I only had two girls for, so you can imagine how much fun that was. It isn't that it is just 2 girls, they are the two girls who are the quietest on both teams. Wednesday brought a day of Isaac and athletic period. Isaac and I hung out for a bit, we ran a couple errands and then he got to hang out with the office ladies while I went to athletic period. In which I was informed that that was the last one I would need to be at, since next week they are testing. Thursday brought another day of Isaac, this time I met at Keiper's house and Isaac seemed to be in a better mood, since he got to sleep until his normal time. Jen dropped Shelby off for an hour while she had a doctor's appointment. Shelby wasn't too keen on the idea of having Isaac there. They played, well Shelby played and Isaac watched her. Then that brings us to today, Friday and the week is over.

This weekend I think is bringing rest for Chad, he had another game in Waco last night, got home about 12:15am. They lost, so no baseball next week when mom and dad are here. As he left this morning I asked him what time he would be home and he said 3:05, I think that those late nights of games and practice were really getting to him.

Next week will bring two days of Issac, a doctor's appointment, and mom and dad coming. Then the following week is finals, and school is over. Chad will have meetings the week of the 23rd-27th, but those aren't as bad as having class. Then June 1st-4th he is having the baseball camp for the grade school kids in the evenings. I told him that the baby better not come that week, but he figured that it would be okay. This coming Tuesday will be just 5 more weeks. Mom said it would be okay to be just 3 more weeks. I would be okay with that too. The heat hasn't been too bad, but I know that it is just going to keep getting hotter and hotter. We still haven't turned on the air, because at night it is getting down to about 65 and with the windows open and the fan going, it is actually very comfortable. I promise Joel, that when you are here, we will have the air on, I don't want you getting heatstroke or anything. Other than just doing a lot of waiting for school, for baby, for visitors everything here is good.

I don't want to jinx it, but we love the fact that the Brewers are in 2nd place. All I care is that they are above the Astros. We have been watching the games a lot and doing a lot of yelling, but then it seems to always turn out alright. I was just happy that we swept the Cubs. The Tigers are struggling, but we still watch them too. I guess we are just suckers for "bad" teams or maybe it is just that we are real fans.