Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting Ready To Go

Well it is Wednesday and tomorrow we are leaving for Wisconsin. Now many of you know that I would have been getting ready to go about a week ago, but that is all different now. This morning I am still getting some laundry done and trying to make sure that everything is in order here. Then on top of it, the closing on the house has been pushed back. They are trying to get the closing for tomorrow, but of not, they will have to send us the papers in WI and then we will have to do all the signing there and send them back. That just adds to all the craziness. This is also finals week for Chad. At least his final was yesterday, so he should have all his grading done and turned in before we go.

This week seems to just be flying by. I know that it is only Wednesday, but the last two days have been a blur. Maddie has been running a low temp, we think it might be teeth. Those would be nice sometime soon, since she has none. She is still just being a monkey and figuring out climbing. We have started putting some boxes in the dining room and she has figured out how to climb up them. She also loves to stand up on her car (the walker we have for her). She has grown out of her Vans, so we'll have to go get some new ones sometime this summer from Katy Mills. She has finally gotten the hang of sandals, which is nice. Now we don't have to put socks and tennis shoes on all the time.

We are really looking forward to our trip tomorrow. This first weekend is really busy with going to Michigan and then to Wisconsin all in about three days. All the running around is worth seeing all the people we will get to see.

I will try to do some posting while we are at home. I will for sure post pictures from all our different events, especially Maddie's birthday party.