Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A quiet morning

Today has started out as a quiet morning, but you have to remember it is only 5 till 8. Maddie is still sleeping, so I figured that I should blog a little something.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of days. We have been trying to get all this house stuff done and it looks like it is all done and so we should be closing on the house next week. I am hoping that nothing pushes it back, since we will be leaving next Thursday for three weeks and I don't think the people who live there now, want to wait that long to move. We have already gotten lots of offers to help us paint from people at school. Chad is already starting to make jokes about having to go to Home Depot and Loewe's. He better get used to it, since that is what his weekends are going to be from now on, working on the house. So once all the paperwork is done and is signed, I will feel a lot better and be able to breathe easier.

Our apartment is already looking like we are moving. Around the tv area, there is nothing on the shelves because Maddie is into the toss everything aside phase. By the end of the day there are no toys in the toy box, instead they are all over the living room, dining room, kitchen and stairs. Even though we have gates up into the kitchen and up the stairs, she thinks it is funny to throw the toys over the gates, so things just pile up there. Other than being the destroyer, she is doing great. She is walking all over the place. We have even gotten the hang of shoes. She still has some trouble in sandals, so we wear our Vans and everyone at school just thinks they are so cute. We walk to get the mail each day and it takes us about 25 minutes to go about a total of 100 yards. She loves to stop and look at everything, which then usually leads to picking it up and putting it in her mouth.

Chad has just this week of school left and then next week is finals. He has to make sure all his work is done before we leave, so I'm sure that means there will be some late nights next week as we get closer to Thursday. I figured at least theology finals are on Tuesday, so he has a couple of days to get those graded.

This coming weekend we are actually getting to go out. Saturday is going to be a busy day, Chad has athletic physicals in the morning along with summer league baseball practice, he isn't coaching, but it is the first one, so he figured he should be there to make sure everything goes alright. He then has Maddie duty for the early afternoon, as I have a wedding shower to go to. That night Caitlyn is coming to babysit for Maddie since Joel, the principal is getting remarried and the reception is Saturday night. It should be fun. I guess since we will be missing the end of the year faculty party, this will kind of count for that.

Well on my end everything is good. We were at the doctor two weeks ago and will go again the morning we are leaving. Everything is going well and there have been no problems. We are looking forward our trip home, even though the first weekend will be jampacked, I know that Chad is looking forward to getting to Michigan and seeing Ben, Sarah and the boys. Also then being able for great-grandmas and grandpa to meet Maddie. I'm sure she will put on a show for them. (that is a Janetzke trait) We will let you know when the house if official and actually be able to put some pictures up. Have a great day and if I don't post before Sunday Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read this, especially the ones who are first time mommies who are still waiting for their little bundle of joy.


Jamie said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! Mom of TWO! How incredible. Have a great time in WI!

Sarah said...

Enjoy those quiet mornings! If your two will be anything like my two, one will be awake when the other is sleeping and vice versa! It's real fun, especially at 6:30 in the morning!! =)

Ben W. said...


I will be at Abby's grad party. And I should be able to go to Maddie's party as well. It will be really great to see you both.