Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Birthday Fun

Well the year has come and gone and it seems like it was the fastest year yet. I can't imagine what the next year is going to be. Maddie had a very exciting birthday and I think is still recovering. The fun began on Saturday with our friends from Minnesota coming down and visiting. They came down in the early afternoon and we just got to hang out and play some cards with them. Sunday then came and it was a day full of lots of fun and people. We headed to church in the morning, got a short nap in and then it was off to the Brewers game. The Brewers hadn't been doing so well and so we thought having all of us there would help them a little bit, but it didn't. All of us siblings and families went to the game. Grandma and grandpa stayed home and got things ready for the party.

How do you get 5 kids two and a half and under to all look at the camera at the same time?
Answer: You don't.

Here was our attempt to get all the cousins in one picture

Can you blame her, the Brewers were on a 7 game losing streak. It was retro Sunday, so Mom and Dad sported the retro look, while Maddie sported her jersey. She and her cousin Sam got some jumbotron time. It helps when the tickets are right next to the cameramen and you have cute little kids with Brewers gear on.

After the game it was back to Grandma and Grandpas to wait for our guests. We got to play outside with our cousins and love to just chase them around. Maddie was having lots of fun with Ben and Kate. It is so funny to see the three of them interact with each other. I think that all the people didn't even phase her, since in the last three weeks we have seen so many new people each day and we have just gotten used to new people.

The cake before- it wasn't our mistake, but Sam's forgot the "E" in Anne.

Here Maddie is waiting for her cake- as you can tell, she can't wait to get her hands on it.

Just getting started- she took some time getting into the cake, but really loved the frosting.

Here is the end- she ended with a pink mohawk that she managed to make herself. She has this habit of running her hands through her hair whenever she eats, so it was only a matter of time before the frosting ended up in her hair.

The evening ended with Maddie opening her presents and pretty much just crashing by the time she got to her bed. Overall I think she had a great time. She loved being the center of attention and loves being a ham in front of an audience.

Monday came and was her actual birthday. Amy, Joel, Ben, and Sam were still here since Joel has Mondays off this summer. We all headed to the Zoo in the later morning and spent a good chunk of the day there. Ben loves the zoo and loves to make all the animal noises. We had a great time and were all ready for naps by the time we left.

Here is Maddie and her dad checking out the elephants. Maddie also got a new stuffed elephant from the giftshop- who she has named "bob".

We didn't even make it out of the Zoo parking lot before we were sleeping. She had a pretty good grip on "bob" and wasn't letting go.

Overall we had a great couple of days. We are still recovering, but took Tuesday and Wednesday to get back into the groove of things. Tuesday we went up to Chad's parent's house and just hung out with everyone who was there. Today we did some laundry, ran some errands, and began the packing process. Chad was golfing today with my sister and his brother. It was nice not to have to be anywhere today. We just took the day in stride and are preparing to go back home and start the moving process. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, especially if you didn't get to be here in person. We will keep you updated on all the house stuff and of course all the baby news that will be to come.