Friday, June 02, 2006

Two weeks gone, One week left

Well we have been in Wisconsin for two weeks now and the time is just flying by. We have spent our fair share of time in the car, but Maddie usually takes a nap. We have been visiting people here and there and everywhere. We are looking forward to the people coming to us this weekend for Maddie's birthday party. I think it helps Maddie to be in one place for a longer period of time, it helps her to get back into that same routine she is used to. We came back from Chad's parent's house yesterday and will be at my parent's house until we leave. We have been having lots of fun and it is so cool to see Maddie remember all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents faces and get excited about seeing them. The past week has been a lot of just visiting with people. On Saturday we did attend a wedding in Wasau. It was a pretty typical WI wedding. We got to see Kurt and Lydia have their track and field day. It was more like a testing day for PE, they were trying to beat their own times in each event. We have gone on an adventure looking for missing ducks and frogs from the Janetzke Zoo. Josh has now become the mother to 8 little ducklings who have lost their mother. The first day he brought them home, he had to do some rearranging of the other animals he has and when we got back from lunch, two frogs and two ducks had escaped from their cages. Luckily they were all found and returned safely to their respectable homes. Last night we took a drive to Lake Geneva and went swimming with cousin Ben and Uncle Joel. Maddie is quite the waterlover. She also has no fear when it comes to things like that. She wants to let go so bad, but just isn't quiet sure what might happen after. We are going to the Brewers game tonight, graduation party tomorrow and we get to see our friends from Minnesota. Sunday is the party, Monday the Zoo, Tuesday to relax, Wednesday Chad is playing golf in the Martin Luther golf outing and Thursday is going home.
Even when we get home, it seems to not stop. Friday is doctor's appointment, Saturday is Grandma coming and then it is get moving on the house stuff. Well here are some pics from the trip already. We can't wait to share more.

The Janetzke family at Lydia' confirmation

Maddie swimming in the driveway

Maybe we should look into hula classes

Big sister in training

Playing with Uncle Ben

Just like a duck in water

Look what I can do all by myself

The three goofballs