Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Moved In

Well all the boxes have been unpacked, the things put away, the apartment cleaned and emptied and so we are officially moved in. We have been staying in the house since last Thursday and have been unpacking and putting things together since then. Maddie is adjusting just fine. She loves all the room to play. I think she would have rather kept all the boxes out so she could climb on them. She has been great through this whole process. She has kept herself busy and for the most part out of the way. She did get to spend a couple of hours yesterday at the Odinga's while we finished up at the apartment. She got to play with Harley the dog and loved it. Chad was happy that the dish got installed yesterday in time for him to watch Clemens lose to the Tigers.

Now onto the next adventure. Baby #2. We are ready for the arrival. We are wondering when it may be. We do go to the doctor today for a check-up, but also for an ultrasound. Doc wants to check how big it is. When I was there last week he was a little amazed at how big it was. So we are thinking that it may be sooner than later. Maddie has no idea what is going on, but I think she will be surprised when it all happens.

We are all doing well and can't wait for visitors to come see our new house. We haven't been too good with the camera lately, so we will have to start posting some pictures soon.


Jamie said...

what a feeling of relief that must be to have everything unpacked and starting to really take on the shape of home!! Congrats to you all! Can't wait till we are all packed moved and unpacked for another year! Can't wait to hear about baby #2...I hope it's a boy!