Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Actual Due Date...

Earlier this morning I was thinking about how today is the 19th and today was the due date I was given for her. I really couldn't imagine if she would have decided to wait this long to join our family. I was uncomfortable enough by the time she did decide to come, I could only imagine what 10 more days would have been. That was my random thought for today.

Anyways, not too much to report here. Grandma Heff gets here tonight. I know that she is looking forward to her visit and we are looking forward to having her here. We have been pretty laid back here. It has been so hot out, well it hasn't been the heat, but the humidity (ha, ha). Chad is actually getting used to it a little bit more. He went out to mow the back this afternoon and didn't complain about how hot is was and even said that it was bearable.

After Grandma Heff leaves, Chad's parents, and three youngest siblings get here on Monday. We will have a few days with them and then have a little break from visitors. Uncle Ben is suppose to be coming the first week of August and it looks like the crazy boy cousins will be here along with their mom and dad and aunt Jana too the second weekend of August. I know that Maddie will enjoy having cousin Ben around to goof with.

On Monday, Pastor Patterson, came over and Emma was baptized. The Wilke family and Diane also were here as witnesses. Maddie was very interested in what was happening especially as the water was being poured on Emma's head. Emma's godparents are going to be Uncle Ben and Aunt Amy.

Today the same gang that was here on Monday is coming back for the White Sox/Tigers game.
I'm sure that Maddie will love having Christian here, she loves when he is around and pays all the attention to her. Here they are playing playstation together on Monday. She loves to put on a show for everyone. She now has started reading her books to you. She loves to babble while turning the pages, but always makes sure that you are paying attention to her reading.

Chad has bout 2 and 1/2 weeks of summer left. He has been getting himself somewhat ready, but at the same time, just spending some time with the girls.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, most of you northerners have a lot more of the summer left than those of us around these parts.