Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maybe we should start a baby pool...

We have exactly two weeks until the baby is due, neither Chad, myself or the doctor thinks it will be that long. I went to the doctor this morning and he said we are ready to go, we just need some contractions to start. Last week when we went, we were told that our baby is a big one, most likely around 9 lbs. He is still thinking it is going to be big, but hopefully not too much bigger than 9 lbs. He is also hoping that we are going to have any problems with the shoulders getting stuck. He told me today that if we get through the weekend and want to schedule a c-section for next Thursday we could. He really doesn't think we are going to go that long, but you never know. We will just keep going on with our everyday business and see what happens.

The last few days here have been nice and rainy and not so much fun to go outside. We got Maddie a blow-up pool, but haven't been able to use it because of the rain. She has gotten outside a little bit, but it pretty much rains on and off all day. She actually loves to play in the rain, so just about 10 minutes ago, we let her loose in the driveway and she got soaked. She thinks it is so funny to put her head under the water draining off the roof and also when the sprinklers are on, she loves to go through them. That is all from here. It looks like it will be a quiet day at home inside with all the rain that is coming down.

We spent the 4th with the Wilke clan. We grilled out and just hung out. It rained a little bit yesterday, but some of our neighbors, not anyone we have met decided to put on their own fireworks display across the street. It was quite annoying and there were fireworks in our driveway and yard this morning. Ahh, the joys of homeownership. Well hopefully you all enjoyed your fourth and we will let you know when this baby comes.