Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here is my rant and rave about ESPN/Baseball Tonight, I have been trying to figure out how to send an email to them, but they only let you write 500 characters, so here is what I would write if I could. Maybe I'll get Chad to help me when he gets home.

To: ESPN/Baseball Tonight

Let me start by saying that I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Josh Hancock. I can only imagine what hardships the players and staff of the Cardinals are going through. I realize that a event like this is going to disturb a player's mind set and ability to play at 100%. I know that some players are going to have a harder time recovering than others and it may take them longer to get back to their playing level.

The Cardinal organization knows that the season goes on and I commend the staff for wanting to keep on moving through the season. As expected you could see that the Cardinals were affected during Monday night's game, by making some very obvious mental mistakes. I'm unsure if those mistakes cost them the game or just made it worse. Since Spring Training ESPN has been talking about how the Brewers are a different team and they are one to be watched. As you can see they have a 3.5 game lead in the NL Central, that has to say something. I don't want to sound harsh in a time of loss, but the way the announcers and commentators were talking last night it seemed as if the only reason the Brewers won was because the Cardinals were not at their greatest potential because of the loss of Josh Hancock. Suppan pitched a great game, he was Hancock's teammate last year. Not only a teammate, but they shared the bullpen.

I have been a Brewers fan since birth, I have since moved from Wisconsin, but watch the Crew on MLB.TV and catch them at Minute Maid when they are in town (Houston is where I live now). This year may or may not be our year, but we are playing some really great baseball and I wish that people would start recognizing that.

My sympathies for the Cardinal organization and the Hancock family.

Brewers Fan from the South,
Erin Janetzke

So what do you think? Ever since the game last night, this has been really bothering me. Chad and I were talking about it and it is true. Why aren't the Brewers getting the recognition they deserve? Is it because they are always suppose to be the losers or is it because ESPN thinks that everyone loves the Yankees and the Sox? The Yankees are 9-14, but they are still the lead story on Baseball Tonight. Does this bother anybody else?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you never would have guessed the Brewers were actually playing in the game. I had to switch over to the Cardinals feed on Extra Innings in order to hear anything about the Brewers.

PS Suppan and Handcock didn't share the bullpen together; Suppan was/is a starting pictcher and Hancock was a reliever.