Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pee Your Pants For The Brewers

So would you? As of 10:01 am on Tuesday May 22nd, 4822 people say they will pee their pants if the Brewers make the playoffs. I'm not sure if I would. There may be other things I would do, but to pee my pants may not be one of them. Maybe if I could convince some others to take the pledge too, then maybe I would. The website is pretty funny, they give you tips on how to pee your pants. Like the shy guy, Milwaukee Time, etc. You can check it out at

So yesterday we went to the mall. Chad got a gift card from one of his students and was itching to use it, so after he got home we went down to the mall and walked around for a little while. Now you need to know that I was wearing my Robin Yount Brewers shirt. We had walked a little bit and then headed into Lids. There was a lady outside with two kids who looked at me and said, "Uh oh, you're never going to get him (meaning Chad) out of there now that you've let him in." To which I replied, "It's okay, I'm just as bad as he is". She was somewhat surprised by my answer. So the other customer who was in there was her husband. He was buying something and turned around and saw my shirt, made some comment about the Brewers, to which I replied that we did have a 5.5 game lead. I think he was surprised that I knew that. He then went on about how he has Astro's season tickets and will say that the Brewers are a very different team. To which I wanted to say duh, but refrained. He then went on the say that he was actually a Cards fan. I didn't even comment on the fact that at least the Astros are only 5.5 games back and the Cards are 9.5 games back. (As of last night they were, but now they are 10 back) So he left and made some comment about how it is only May and the Brewers will screw it up. As if that didn't leave me mad enough, he then came over in the food court about how he sells authentic jerseys online and he has a Robin Yount one, even if I was looking to buy one, I wouldn't be buying it from him. So Maddie ate her grilled cheese while Chad was looking in Game Stop and the Cards fan walked by and said "see you later Robin Yount". Okay, I was about to get up and punch this guy in the face by this time, but we still had one more encounter with him in the Fan Attic. We were in there looking at hats and in he walks. I was about to walk out because I really thought that I might hit him if he made any other comments. He held up some Brewers shirt and said something like here is some Brewers for you. Good thing by that time Chad was checking out and we were ready to leave. Bottom line: Because of "fans" like him people hate the Cards.

I don't mind a little friendly banter between fans of opposing teams. But sometimes people don't know when to stop. It a lot of times seem to be Cards fans. Now I know that some of you who read this are Cards fans, so I know that most of you are not like that.

I am just happy that there is some good baseball being played this year. I would still be watching the Brewers, but it is just a whole lot more fun when they are playing as well as they are.



Anonymous said...

According to Baseball Prospectus, today the Brewers have a 66.8% chance of making the playoffs. Next time you see Cardinal (1.7% chance)Fan, tell him this before flipping him off.



Anonymous said...

Ben W. said

Actually...TRUE cardinal fans are some of the most respectable fans in MLB. They love their team, they even look down upon people who wear obscene clothing at the ball park.

Now the real jerks of fans are those CUBS FANS! Lets gang up on them