Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Already?

Where did the weekend go? Chad even had a half day on Friday and it still seems that there was no weekend. We did make it to one of the musical performances this weekend. On Friday we went. Well I saw the whole thing, Maddie saw half of it and Emma saw none of it. We put the pack n' play in Chad's office and Emma went to bed before the show even started. Maddie enjoyed the music and the dancing. She also joined in the dancing. For that reason we sit in the back.

Saturday I got to escape the madness called our house for a few hours to run some errands. Chad had yet another performance, so while he was at school, I watched The Queen. The Wal-mart by us now has RedBox, which is the DVD rental for $1/day, so I have gotten hooked on that.

Sunday was Confirmation, so that meant the day was spent being a Wilke. Christian was confirmed and so we spent the day over there. The girls were great and both even took a nap. Once again the pack n' play was trekked over there and set up, so they could take their naps.

So here we are again starting another week, the musical is over, baseball is over, but still no Chad. Tonight it is a baseball game. There is a 3A playoff game happening on the field tonight. Tomorrow is NHS inductions, but we will probably go with since Michael is being inducted. Then the rest of the week he may actually make it home for dinner.

Friday we have visitors coming. We may take a drive down to Galveston and check that out since we haven't been there yet.

Emma is walking all over the place. She is trying to fast, but still can't keep up with Maddie. She has also gotten her top two teeth. She is still afraid of the sprinkler, but maybe she will like the pool. I think we are going to try it out when Maddie gets up from her nap.

Happy Birthday Grandma Janetzke and Uncle Josh (well on Tuesday)!!!