Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fall for a day, maybe two

That is right, fall has happened. It may only be here for two days, but we sure have been enjoying it. Yesterday it only got to about 68 and it is suppose to be the same today. The girls enjoyed playing outside and not sweating. It also helps to have long pants on to slide down the slide faster.

I know that I have become a little bit wimpier since moving here and colder weather (60's) make some people dress their children outrageously. I will say that the girls had on pants and long sleeve shirts. They were wearing just regular t-shirts. I was in long pants and a short sleeved t-shirt. While we were walking to the playground we passed another mom walking with her son. He was probably somewhere between 5-7 months old. He was in a full winter coat with a hat that had ear flaps. The mom also was wearing a knit cap. I know that it was a little cooler than it has been, but it was a little ridiculous. As we passed I said hello, but then I had to laugh to myself a little.

Other than the playground and having to actually rake the leaves, there hasn't been too much going on. After halloween last week, we took it easy. Friday was an away football game, so we waited to hear from Shelly for the score. They lost, so now this Friday will determine what place they get. The problem is that it isn't their game, they are waiting for the result of two other teams. Saturday we spent up at school doing the concessions for a baseball tournament. A club was using the field. There were also volleyball regionals going on in the gym. Chad was announcing for that and then coming back outside to work the concession stand. After volleyball was over we headed over to the Keiper's for some pizza. The kids played for a little while and it helped to be up a little bit later for Emma adjusting to day light savings time. Maddie never had any problems, but Emma sure does. Sunday was football and the playground. After nap we went to the big playground and the girls just had a blast.

I guess our day to day lives aren't as boring as I sometimes think. This week we had a meeting on Monday for baseball. We had to postpone the whiffleball tournament this weekend and so we were coming up with other fundraising ideas. Tuesday we went to dinner with the Keiper's and Odinga's. It was a lot of fun. Once again the kids had a blast. Yesterday we were actually at home. I did have to run to Wal-mart, but we were actually home for the evening. This weekend there is football on Friday, we are going to a wedding in Austin on Saturday and then hopefully Sunday will be football and the usual.

We have a little more than a week until visitors and then I have a feeling that the time is just going to fly before Christmas.

Sorry Bumpa H I don't have any pictures. I know that it isn't a good post now. I have some on the camera that I need to put on the computer.