Saturday, November 24, 2007

Final Four Baby

We will start off with the title. The football team is in the semi-finals next week. They played last night at the Katy ISD stadium. Joel you would have loved it. It wasn't the Cy-Fair stadium (the one we went to a couple of years ago), but it was still pretty big . The played a team, Second Baptist, who is actually in their district. They lost to them in regular play, but won last night 28-16. The girls were once again supporting the Saders, so were Chad and I. This week we had new shirts and now I have to think of something for next week. We won't be able to be there since it is on Saturday and we will be in Minnesota, but I told Shelly that I would make one shirt and she just has to take it with her.

Emma once again fell asleep in the second half, Chad got to actually see the second half since he was holding her. Maddie and Isaac pretty much played the entire game. It was awesome football weather, like 45degrees. It was a great game to watch. I'm sad we are going to miss next week's game. It is going to be a hard one, but it would be great if they can pull it out.

Now on to Thanksgiving. Mom and dad got here on Monday afternoon. They got onto an earlier flight, so they got here around 3:30. Maddie had been asking for the last week when they were going to get here and so she sure was happy when they did. We didn't do too much while they were here. There was a lot of coloring and playing games. Chad and I did go out on Tuesday night with some friends and then dad and Chad went golfing on Wednesday(see Chad's blog). We managed to get to the outlet mall on Tuesday. Thursday we headed over to Wilke's for food and fun. We watched the Lions/Packers, Chad wasn't too happy about that game. We ate some really great food. We played some games. Chad and Christian played video games. Phill built a fire outside and we sat around and talked. Thanks to rah-rah and bumpa taking the girls home earlier in the evening, we got to hang out a bit longer.

I'm not one to brave the stores on Black Friday. I did have to go get a few groceries from Wal-Mart, but that wasn't until about 10am. It wasn't that crowded. After the girls went down for their nap, I did venture out to Kohl's and Target. Kohl's was insane. I stood in line longer than I shopped, but they extended their early bird specials until 2:30, so I still got them. Target was not bad at all. I found a few good deals and only waited in line for a couple minutes. We then headed out for some pizza before the game and went out to Katy.

It is pouring right now and it is pretty much suppose to rain all day long. I think we are going to get our Christmas decorations out and put those up. We will see how the girls do with the tree.

Here are some pics from Thanksgiving and the game yesterday.

Maddie posing on the stairs.

Mike and Emma playing computer games.

Emma just hanging with Diego.

Phill built a fire outside and we had some pretty good laughs out there.

Chad and Christian keeping warm and playing video games.

This is Rhodes Stadium, this was before the game started.
Chad and Emma keeping each other warm.

Isaac and Maddie always have a good time no matter what the weather.

Myself, Emma, Phill, Maddie and Chad after the game. You would think they lost by the look on Phill's face, but he always has to have his football face on.