Thursday, November 01, 2007

And the Winner Is....

.....Number 1 the Bratwurst. That is right Maddie was a racing sausage for Halloween. Grandma Heff has always talked about making all the kids racing sausage costumes, but since the six of them are never together, I decided that I would try to make Maddie one. It took a few errors, but I finally got it right. Even last night we had to tweak it a little bit. We borrowed a baseball hat from Gabe and that made it easier for Maddie to see. Emma was a duck that has been worn now for the last three years by someone, first it was Ben, then Maddie last year and now Emma yesterday.So yesterday afternoon we headed over the Sommermeyer's for some dinner and trick or treating. We were half way there and I remembered that I forgot the dessert in the fridge, so it was a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a replacement. We made our own pizzas and watched Finding Nemo while waiting to go. There were 5 families and a total of 8 kids there. We had a pea pod, superman, a leopard, a princess, a witch, a pirate, a duck, and a racing sausage.

Some of the kids are hidden, but they are all there. We headed out and they all were just having a grand ole time. As you know any good racing sausage can't go anywhere without their BrewCrew Team escort, so Chad even wore the Brewers jersey and was Maddie's escort.
Emma was a little unsure at first and just wanted to ride in the wagon, we got her to go to a few houses and after about 4 she caught on and was off. She loved to carry her pumpkin pail up to the doors and just hold it out. She kept looking in the bucket and would have to touch everything that was put in.
I was very impressed that Maddie kept the sausage costume on for so long. It was probably a good 45minutes to an hour. She did need to keep getting her hat adjusted and even needed some rests every now and then. She was a trooper and was having a great time.

We were going strong and Maddie finally just had enough. She wanted out of the sausage, but we did have a back up. So she got changed and hit a few more houses before she was completely done. Emma finally gave up and resorted to being pulled in the wagon, but not before she figured out how to get a sucker open and eat it.So it was back to the house to gather our things and head home. Much to our amazement our kids were the only ones who weren't throwing fits. I think they were so tired that they didn't care at that point. We did have two quick stops to make. We headed over to Odinga's, who just live a subdivision over and showed Kim Maddie's costume. Maddie played with the dogs for a little while, but we still wanted to get over to Wilke's for a quick stop. We loaded them in the car. Emma was already in her pj's and we made it about 2 miles before she was sleeping with a piece of candy still in her hand.
I think over all we had a pretty fun night. I know Maddie did as she is still sleeping at 9:30. We are heading to the boys football game tonight and then I think we will be taking it easy the rest of the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween in pictures.

Happy Anniversary to Rah-rah and Bumpa H. We can't wait to see you in about 2 weeks.


tapps said...

wow! that's a great racing sausage costume! want to make me one? *grin*