Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting Ready

We seem to be getting ready for lots of things:
*Texas Christmas here at our house: Wilkes, Odingas, Karner, and others that we call our Texas family together to celebrate Christmas.
*Chad is getting ready for finals (I also think he is getting ready to not have class for 2 weeks)
*We are getting ready for our adventure up north
*We of course are getting ready for Christmas
*We are getting ready for baseball to start in 5 weeks

We are anxiously waiting for next week so we can start our Christmas trip. We are hoping that the weather cooperates. We are also hoping that the snow will stick around for Maddie. She so wants to build a snowman, but knows she can't until we get to rah-rah's house because that is where all the snow is. It will be funny to see what she thinks of actual snow, not the plastic snowmen in the yards.

Here are a few pictures to tide you over until we get to Wisconsin. I'm sure that I'll have some more after this weekend and we have Christmas here.

Maddie amazed by the lights on the tree.

She really loves the winnie the pooh ornament, luckily we haven't had any broken ones yet.
Taking pictures at school by the big tree.

Nothing but sister love in this picture.

Just a fun one of the girls the other night.