Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wisconsin Here We Come

Emma likes to chew on Maddie's nuk.

Are we packed? NO

Have we cleaned up the house? NO
Are we finished with laundry? NO
Are we excited to go? YES

As you can see we are not ready to go physically, but I'm pretty sure we are all ready to get going and be with our families up north. Today is the first day of finals, so Chad was in quite the giddy mood when he got home from school yesterday. I have slowly been putting clothes out to be packed, but there is still laundry to do. I can be confident to know that we will be packed and ready to go by 11am on Friday.

This past weekend we had our Texas Christmas. Chad reffed a basketball game in the morning and I was able to get some cleaning done. I decided to go the lazy/easy route and we just had lasagne from Stouffer's. Everyone had a good time and the girls loved opening up their presents.
Side note: (Maddie story)
I had taken the presents out of the closet and they were sitting in the corner of our room behind a chair. I was getting ready in the morning and the girls were in our room. Maddie saw the presents and got all excited. So I had to explain to her that we weren't going to open them until after Uncle Phill came over and that wasn't until after her nap. This was about 10am. So we were playing and doing stuff around the house and about 15 minutes later she came up to me and said "Mama, I'm tired". She is getting too smart for her own good. She knew that if she went to bed, then she would be able to open presents.

The boys (Michael and Christian) loved their Guitar Hero, but they might have to fight Phill to be able to play it. I'm pretty sure that Phill now has carpal tunnel from Saturday night.

Sunday was the CLHS Christmas concert. We all went and the girls did great. Maddie at one point, while it was quiet, shouted "Mike" since Michael was up on stage singing. Everyone around us had a good laugh.

Maddie ripping into her first present.

Mike helping Maddie or is it Maddie helping Mike?

Emma getting a little help from Christian.

The beginning of Phill's carpal tunnel. Maddie wanting to play guitar hero.