Saturday, February 02, 2008

2 1/2 going on 13

Four months before Maddie's 3rd birthday and I know what I am getting her. An MP3 player. She is always asking to listen to mine and so I think I might have to look into getting her her own. She also likes to listen to the cd player while we go for walks. I have gotten some weird looks, but it keeps her happy.

Here are a couple of Valentine pictures. Ra-ra Rita (school secretary) bought them matching pj's and so we took a few pictures for her.
This hasn't happened in a long time. Thursday we went for a walk and both of them fell asleep. We didn't even make it to the playground because they fell asleep before we got there. I guess they were tired, I think it has to do with the cold the both of them have.
This picture is for Great Grandpa Bickel. They are watching Michigan State basketball and enjoying a little snack. The funny thing is that Maddie is already in bed and Emma was still up.

There was the last week in pictures. We have enjoyed the weather, sunny and warm. Baseball is in full swing and we have two weeks until the first game. Christian had his last basketball game last night and so we were up at school for that. The girls just like going because there are always kids to play with, especially Maddie knows that Isaac will be there.

Maddie is getting ready for ra-ra to come on Thursday. Every time she sees an airplane she tells me that ra-ra comes on an airplane and we will need to go to the airport and pick her up. Emma is talking more and more and just likes to be Maddie's shadow. Her new favorite word is help. No matter what the situation she uses it like she is going die if someone doesn't come right away. She was yelling help from the kitchen in her dire way, I went in there to see what she needed help with, none other than she couldn't get her sock off.

Maddie is still working on potty training. We haven't gotten down to too hard core of business, but we will be soon. She is going to be the kid who thinks she is going to miss something important if she has to stop to use the potty.

We are going to go enjoy our Saturday, since it is beautiful outside. Tonight Chad and I are heading out to a house warming party and the Wilke boys are coming over to watch the girls. Michael even changes diapers now, so that makes life a whole lot easier. Considering the party starts at 7:30 and the girls are both in bed by 8:30 I'm thinking the boys shouldn't have any problems.

I would say go Pats or Giants, but I could care less who wins the Superbowl!! So Happy Groundhog's Day!