Monday, February 11, 2008

Ra-Ra's Visit

Well Grandma Heff got to escaped the snow and cold and visit us for a few days. She got in Thursday afternoon. She was greeted with 70 degree weather and two grand daughters who were very happy to see her. We met up with Chad, Wilkes, Karner, and Kim at Mel's for dinner. Friday we headed to the Zoo. We ate lunch, saw all the animals and then headed home. Both girls were sleeping before we hit the exit. We took the long way home and stopped for an ice cream treat and a quick trip into Target. Chad had practice and so we went to school and helped him clean up. Then we all played some baseball on the field. Emma likes to run the bases. Maddie likes to ride the 4 wheeler with Uncle Phill.
This picture is from a couple of weeks ago. It was at Christian's last basketball. Her and Faith were just having a great time dancing to all the music.
Saturday morning Chad had an optional workout. He had a pretty good number of guys showed up. The girls, grandma, and I ran some errands and even did a little shopping. We came home for a nap and I got ready to go out. Chad and I went to see 27 dresses, it was very funny. We then met up with Kim and Karner for dinner. We moved out party to a bar and met up with Andrew and Karner's roommate. Grandma thought she was going to have to call the police because we didn't get home until almost 3am.
Sunday brought church, Sunday school, and lunch with the Wilkes. We came home to do some yard work. Chad even cleaned out the gutters.Grandma and I went to a couple of stores around by us and then we watched a movie to round out the evening.

I still had grocery shopping to do, so there was no better than at about 6:30 this morning. I took Chad to school at 6 and then it was off to Wal-mart for groceries. There weren't too many people in the store with me and that was just fine. I probably got my grocery shopping done in 3/4 of the time I usually do. We went to the Conroe Outlets, but I don't think we will be going any more because there aren't too many stores left.

Grandma has to go home tomorrow, but we sure have had lots of fun while she was here. She will be back in 6 weeks. But in 5 weeks, Chad's parents and some siblings will be here for Easter. I'm sure in those 5 weeks we will be keeping busy with baseball.

We are still waiting for the arrival of our newest niece or nephew. Hopefully there aren't any snow storms that will keep Kathy and Scott away from the hospital. We will share news when we get it.