Monday, February 25, 2008

Where did February go??

I feel like this month just started and here we are at the last week. Even though it is a short month, it still has flown by. I'm thinking that has to do with it being baseball season and having such nice weather that most of our days are spent outside.

We have three weeks from Friday before our first round of visitors. We are looking forward to spending Easter with some of the Janetzke's. Before they come we do get to enjoy a week of Spring Break. Chad has baseball the first couple of days, but then after that we are hoping to get enjoy the time off. We are thinking about going down to the livestock show, catching the new Dr. Suess movie, and just playing outside. If the weather keeps up, it will be 80's while everyone is here. The Janetzke's will be heading up to Dallas on Wednesday the 26th and that same afternoon, my parents, and the Chapman's will be joining us. They will be with us until the 31st. We are hoping to catch the Astros/Tigers game, going to the beach, the zoo and I'm sure other things too. I will have two days to get the house in order before the girls and I leave to come up to Milwaukee. We are leaving the morning of the 3rd and will be getting back to Houston on the 14th. I am hoping that the snow will be gone when we get there.

The girls are doing great. Emma is starting to be able to hold her own with Maddie. Emma is still a little bit more dramatic, but we are working on it. We have decided that March 1st is potty training camp. We are hoping that by the time we are ready for our summer trip she will be potty trained. We hear that we are going to be sharing our wedding anniversary with Chad's cousin and so it looks as if that will be taking us to Michigan during the summer.

Maddie is entertaining dad and Emma in her room right now, I'm pretty sure they are having a karoke contest in there.

The pics are from the last few weeks. As you can see we have been having lots of fun inside and outside.