Friday, June 06, 2008

School's Out For Summer

I know, I know it has been awhile. Chad has been done with school for almost two weeks now. Graduation was the 25th. The Wilde's also visited that weekend. We started out the weekend by going to a grad party on Friday evening. The girls had a great time because there was a playground to play at.

The Wilde's arrived in the morning. It was perfect timing because we had another grad party in the morning (a brunch) and we all got to the house at the same time. Chad had a few other parties on Saturday to go to, but the rest of us just hung out at the house. Sunday was actual graduation and one other party. On the way home from graduation the check engine light went on and of course we all thought the worse. Since it was Sunday and the next day was Memorial Day we had to wait a few days to have someone look at it. Luckily it just turned out to be a valve that needed to be replaced.

While the Wilde's were here we took advantage of the sandbox and pool. The girls love having other people to play with. We played a lot of cards and talked a lot too.

The rest of the week Chad had meetings and got his office cleaned up. We had the faculty end of the year party on that Wednesday. The girls loved playing with all the other kids. It was at a park and I thought that it was pretty funny when more of the people were over by the playground with their kids then by the actual party.