Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So we have had two haircuts in the last couple of weeks with the girls. One was intentional and the other very unintentional. Maddie has been refusing to have her hair put up in any type of ponytails, so I told her that either she needed to get her haircut or she had to let me put ponytails in. She opted for the haircut. So one Friday evening we went down to the Supercuts and got it cut. She sat very still and just watched the lady as she cut her hair. She has such curly hair that no matter how many times you brush it in a day it still looks all messed up. So here is the new Maddie:
The other haircut was very unintentional and Emma gave it to herself. She had done this about 3 weeks ago and it wasn't very noticeable, but Saturday evening she decided her bangs still needed more cut from them. It is somewhat humorous, but she looks silly. We realized she was doing it when she started screaming at Maddie for trying to make her stop. Maddie was telling her to not do it and take the scissors from her and then she screamed her scream of death and that is when we found her with her new "haircut". So here is Emma with her haircut- check out her bangs and the couple of "layers" they have:

We have continued being busy with basketball and getting ready for baseball season. I have just one more practice and one more game and I will be done with basketball. Chad has 5 more games and he will be done on the 27th. He has about three weeks off before baseball starts on the 23rd. The girls enjoy going to the games at school- they have even gotten used to sitting and entertaining themselves during the game. We went to my cousin's game last night, it was her senior night, we made the girls t-shirts and they were so proud to wear them. Of course I forgot my camera, so I will have to get a copy of them from my aunt.

School is going for everyone. Maddie had a little trouble yesterday of not wanting to go. It probably had to do with the fact that Ben and Sam were here and they didn't have to go to school and she did. We are hoping that maybe if grandma drops her off tomorrow we won't have any tears or temper tantrums. Here's hoping. Emma is wanting to go to school, but still has no desire of the potty. She knows she needs to use it to be able to go to Mrs. Willer's class, but just doesn't want to. She sat on it once, but just is not interested. We have her registered for next year, but we can always pull her out if needed- I'm hoping not too. I figure it took Maddie until about the end of July to get it all down.

Ben's 5th birthday was on Friday- they were suppose to come on Saturday and we were going to go to Stone Fire Pizza, but Ben was sick. Ben, Sam, and Amy came on Sunday and we played and played and ate cake too. They hung around a little yesterday, but then headed back home.

Here are a few other pics from the last couple of weeks:

Here is Maddie's photography skills at work- if you notice she got all of dad, but completely cut out uncle Jan.

Emma has been really into dressing herself lately- this is from about a week ago. Yesterday she had the same skirt on, pink striped tights and a pink polka dotted shirt. Hey, I am just letting her creative side out.

Maddie and cousin Kate playing gameboy while waiting for their food at Max and Erma's. We went down to Schaumburg to meet up with them and also Jana and Mike.

Ben and his Spongebob cake. He wanted to blow out the candle, but we couldn't sing happy birthday to him. Everyone had a blue face after a piece of this cake.