Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Well Superbowl is here and gone- I love to hang out with friends while some are watching the game and even the commercials aren't that big of a deal. We went out to our friends Ben and Wendy's house- they have two kids, so we knew that the girls would have some other kids to play with. We had lots of good food- for Pittsburgh Nick made Rothlisburgers (burger- with a fried egg and bacon) for AZ we had taco salad along with potatoe skins. It was all so good. We had lots of laughs and it was nice to be out there. We weren't going to stay for the whole game because Maddie and Chad had school in the morning, but since the game went pretty fast and then got interesting at the end we ended up staying.

The girls are doing great- Maddie is loving school even though some mornings it is like trying to wake the beast. She gets that from her dad. She is enjoying all the basketball. She is starting to actually sit and watch the games, not the whole time, but she is starting to know what is going on. She loves to play in the gym after the games and also to play in the gym during my practices. Maddie still has no concept of time, but is always asking how long it takes to get somewhere or when something is going to happen. So trying to get her to grasp is a little harder then you can imagine, but she is trying. Her new favorite games are Pretty Pretty Princess and Princess Wii (Thanks Phill and Shelly). She keeps wanting to know when baseball starts- when we drive past Miller Park she always ask if the Brewers are home yet. I don't know where that obsession comes from. We also told her that on Sunday that would be the only day that we would allow her to cheer for a team named the Cardinals. Our friend Kate- was at Superbowl- is a Cubs fan and Maddie made sure to tell her that the Cubs and the Cardinals are ucky. She is getting good at writing her name and got a realy good report at parent/teacher conferences. She is also her father's child because her biggest issue at school is cutting with a scissors. We got her paperwork done so she can be tested for speech and start some speech therapy at school once or twice a week. She can't wait for her birthday, but hasn't asked for anything yet, so we will see when she figures that out.

Emma still has no interest in the potty, but she wants to go to Mrs. Willer's class next year, so I am hoping that will light a fire. She is also very into Pretty Pretty Princess- she just likes to wear the jewelry. She is now sleeping in a big girl bed. About three weeks ago she decided that she no longer liked her crib and would scream when she had to get in. Let's just say that when Emma makes up her mind about something- it is going to be how she wants. For a few days she was sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room until we went up to Chad's parents to get the other half of the bunk beds. They are not bunked now, but both are in big girl beds and Emma likes to let everyone know that. Yesterday the girls came to practice with me and Emma was insistent that she wanted to go to day care, she did end up going which surprised me a little, but she said she had a great time.

There is just a few weeks of basketball for both Chad and I. This weekend is the boys tournament at Mt. Olive, so we have a pep rally on Friday. The basketball girls of course are all excited and so Thursday we are going to make posters and stuff for the gym. I'm sure that we will venture up there at some point, if not for the games at least for a brat. Chad then will have a couple of weeks before baseball starts. Hopefully in that time the snow will melt.

Here are a few pics of the girls from the last couple of days:
Here are the girls with cousin Nolan- this is from back at the beginning of January when Nolan stayed with us for a few days.

Maddie playing at Ben and Wendy's house on Sunday- she came out with this mask on and we call just cracked up. Well everyone except Emma, she saw her and started to cry.

Emma loves Grandma's hat for some reason- she felt that it was so cold she needed to wear it in the car last night.

Congratulations to Michael on his appointment to Westpoint. We are very proud of you and know that you will do great.