Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Craziness

So we came home from the hospital on Saturday morning and had some visitors later in the afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa J came over. Grandpa J had been in St. Louis when Lilly was born, so he had to get his time in. Aunt Kendra and uncle Kurt came with them and also Aunt Kathy along with cousins Luke and Ben drove up for the day. The came by and hung out for just a little while, but it was nice to see them and let them meet Lilly. Luke really liked her and just wanted to hold her. Ben wasn't as sure, but still wanted to check her out. The rest of Saturday we just hung out at home eating pizza and watching the Brewers. Ben and Christina came over for a little while in the evening and then it was off to bed (or to see what sleep we would get).

Lilly is actually a champion eater and sleeper. She is a little mixed up, but has been doing great. She eats just about every 4 hours and even sometimes about 5 at night. Chad has been letting me go to bed around 10 and he will feed her around midnight. She will usually sleep soundly until 2/2:30, but then gets a little restless. I can rock her back to sleep and she will sleep for another 2 hours or so. We will feed somewhere between 4 and 5 and then it is back to sleep until about 8am.

We headed to church on Sunday, some of the older ladies around us couldn't believe that she was just 3 days old. It was kind of funny to see their reactions, but she was great and slept the whole time. When we got home the Chapmans and Heffelfingers were already here. So that meant craziness was coming- 7 of 8 cousins were at the house for Mother's Day. We missed having the Pownell family, but will see them in a couple of weeks. Who was going to the Brewers game was still undecided, but eventually dad, Alan, Amy, Chad, and I went. So that meant that mom, Tracie, and Joel took on the 7 kids and no one had anything broken or bloody when we got back. They did great. Tracie cooked some lasagne and pizza for dinner, it was yummy. My aunt, uncle, and cousin Alex stopped over and the kids just went nutso because Alex was entertaining them. Chad, myself and Alex took Kate, Ben, Maddie, Ella, Sam, and Emma to the playground for a little while, while their parents were getting ready to go home. Ben and Christina stopped over again, very briefly, I think they were a little intimidated by all the chaos. Everyone was on their way home and we all just took the rest of the evening to relax.

Monday Chad took the day off and helped by taking Maddie to school in the morning. We had to take Lilly to the doctor to get her Hepatitis B shot- Emma was with us, but didn't want to stay in the room while Lilly got her shot. We picked Maddie up and made sure to let Mrs. Willer see Lilly, since Maddie made sure to let us know that we needed to bring her to pickup. We grabbed some lunch and then headed home for naps. Chad had a game and so he was off to his game. Tuesday it was just us girls and we did just great. It was a nice day and after grandpa got home, we headed out to Chad's game. Well grandpa, Lilly, Maddie, and I did. Emma was all ready to go and then we started walking out the door decided she wanted to stay home with grandma. It was a little windy at the game, but it was actually pretty nice. Today was school again for Maddie- grandma dropped her off on her way to work. She was going on a field trip to Greenfield park to learn about frogs, but then she said that they didn't see any frogs. Oh well, I guess it was a little too cold for the frogs. We are hoping we don't get too much rain this afternoon- we are suppose to be going to the Brewers game tonight, but we will see how the rain goes.

Here are a few pictures from me trying to get a good one for Lilly's birth announcements. Maddie got in on the shoot and even took a few herself.