Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hell's Bells

So there have been 19 home games for the Brewers and I have been at three of them. Now remember that Hoffman was also out for the beginning of the season, but last Wednesday we went to the game and I got to hear Hell's Bells for the first time in Miller Park and let's just say that it was awesome. The roof was closed because it rained throughout the whole game and so it was even louder and shook even more. It was cool to see what you know will be a future hall of famer do what he does best. He got the job done and I think it was all in about 10 pitches. Thursday was a day game and we actually thought about going, if I would have known how nice it was going to be I would have taken Maddie. Anyways, one of the pastors at mom and dad's church said that he was driving on 41 past the stadium when Hoffman came in to pitch and with his windows closed, he could hear Hell's Bells. Back to Wednseday's game- was so hoping that Weeks would have gotten that double to hit for the cycle. We then wouldn't have to always have the trivia question about Chad Moeller being the last Brewer to hit for the cycle.

You didn't think that I would post and not give a Lilly update. Well she is doing great, the girls still think that she is still pretty cool. I am waiting for the day when the novelty wears off. This past weekend Maddie went with grandma and grandpa Heff to visit the Pownell's in Iowa. They left Saturday morning and got back in the early evening Sunday. Chad had a game in Racine on Saturday. Emma, Lilly, and I headed up to Germantown to hang out and then Chad joined us later in the day. We stayed over there and on Sunday we finally got the swing set up. The boys took care of that while Christina and I did some yard work.

We are getting ready for Lilly's reaffrimation on Sunday. Jay and Jill are coming down on Friday and so I am hoping that we get some good card games in. Then on Saturday Anne and Fritz will be here and so I am sure that we will be heading to Chad's game as long as the weather cooperates, then we are just planning on hanging out since we all don't see each other that much. Monday the Brewers play the Cards and so some of us are going to that. Of course we just swept them down there and so I am hoping that we don't embarass ourselves here.

Maddie has just a couple weeks of school left- we are trying to get her to grasp the concept of summer vacation. She knows that she doesn't have to go to school, but doesn't quite get why it is such a big deal. She is going to VBS at grandma and grandpa's church since ours isn't having one this year. I am also thinking about putting her in tennis lessons through the rec department- she told me she would rather do tennis then t-ball.

Emma is still working on this whole potty thing. She is going every once in awhile, it is usually just a fluke. She is still not so sure about school, but I think it is growing on her. We will see how the summer and this potty thing goes. She has always been afraid of the carwash, but in the last couple of days every time we say that we are going somewhere, she has to make sure that we are NOT going to the carwash. I think she must have dreamt about the carwash or something. She is just so funny sometimes.

Chad has two weeks of school and then finals. Graduation is June 5th. He is going down to Texas on the 30th for graduation there. I know that he is looking forward to it. Baseball is starting to wind down. They have two conference games left, a tournament this weekend and then their regional game on the 29th. They got a 4 seed and so that means that they get a home game that day.

We are getting ready for summer here- just trying to get through the last few days of school without any major problems.