Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

So I am almost caught up. We are all the way up to Easter. We came back from spring break and had a short week with Good Friday off. Chad officially started baseball on that Monday. He had great weather until Saturday when he was suppose to have a game. Thursday night also started Ben-A-Polooza (Ben's Bachelor Party). You might be wondering why so early, well the Tigers were in town for exhibition game on Friday and Saturday and so of course they were there on Friday. So Thursday they hung out up in Germantown, Friday we went to church and then the boys all went to the game. Saturday Chad went to school for his game, but the field was too wet, so we met him and went out to Oconomowoc for the JV game.

Easter morning came, Maddie had asked me earlier in the week about the Easter bunny. We were at the mall and she looked at me and her exact words were "So mom, that easter bunny is he for real or just a guy dressed up in a costume?" What a smart little girl. They did get easter baskets, but Maddie knew that the Easter bunny didn't really leave them. We went to church at Mount Olive, had a little Easter Breakfast and then headed up to Germantown where everyone was for the day. We had the egg cracking contest, which uncle Ben beat Emma in the championship. We played some dominos, laughed, talked, you know all the normal stuff.

Easter Monday Chad and that girls had off. He was on dad duty while Amy and I went to Opening Day. We had a beautiful day. The rest of the week while Chad was suppose to be having games, not so much.

We are in full swing of baseball. Games a few nights a week, practice and the like. The Lutheran Special School Golf Outing is May 17th and so that is what I am working on. We are keeping ourselves busy, enjoying the nice weather (for now at least) and can hardly believe that there are only 33 days left of school for Maddie and Emma.