Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back To Warm Weather

After surviving the cold for the last 9 days, we were able to return to the warm weather of Texas. It seems that it was cold here while we were gone, but not now. Today it is just about 65 and the rest of the week looks like mid-70's. And so Chad and I have asked ourselves many times, why didn't we have Christmas here. Actually it is nice to go home and have the cold, because then the 40's and 50's here seem like a heat wave. Christmas was great, it was so good to be able to see everyone, well everyone we could. We have a feeling that next Christmas will be a little bit more hectic, but we have a whole year for that. It was a week of somewhat relaxing, or just trying to get ready for Christmas. We were lucky enough to get home for Kate's first birthday and I think she might be one of the only kids I know, who didn't basically dive into her cake. She wanted someone else to feed it to her. The rest of the week was spent visiting with family and a few friends who are still in the area.

It is nice to be home and have some time to relax. Tonight starts the Gulf Coast Tournament for basketball, both the boys and the girls, so we will be heading there for the next three evenings. We got a chance to see Pete yesterday after picking him up at the airport we went to eat dinner. It looks like it will be a quiet evening of football and cards on New Year's with Pete and who ever else is around. None of us even want to attempt to go out somewhere that night. And why would we when we can watch football for three days straight?

I am looking forward to January coming, Chad will be attending a baseball conference in Waco for three days, it is the last full month of basketball (we end on Feb. 4th), and I will be making another trip home by myself at the end of the month and will be able to catch a couple games of CIT while I am there.

I hope that all your Christmas' were great. We were thinking of still writing a Christmas letter, but I think that we are going to make ours always be an Easter letter. Have a happy new year.