Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ice On The Car In Texas??

I wasn't sure I was in the right state when I went outside yesterday morning. We woke to a cool 40 degrees and even some ice on our windshield. Not enough to have to use a scraper, but enough that we had to let the defroster do it's work. It was a little weird to be that cool and to not have snow on the ground or even have a winter jacket on. Most of Texas were wearing their parkas and hats, while Chad and I were still in just pants and long sleeves. As the day went on, it did warm up to about 65. As I ventured out to basketball practice I was back to wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.

Some of you might be wondering, it was Wednesday yesterday, didn't you have to work. Well I had the day off, and it looks like I will have the next week off. There is fifth disease going around the kids in the early childhood center and it can be harmful to me, so I was at the doctor yesterday getting my blood drawn from the nazi blood lady. I have had her each time I have gotten blood drawn and she moves very quick, doesn't say much and isn't going to let you whine about it hurting. So I have to wait for the blood to come back to make sure that I am immuned to fifth disease and given the okay to go back to work. Allison who works in the room next to me, also had to get some blood drawn to see if she is immuned and she is not able to return to work until after the new year. So there is lots going on at the early childhood center down here.

Basketball is going. We had a game on Tuesday and won by 21, game tonight, that isn't going to be that easy. Yesterday for practice I had 6 girls, because the other ones just had too much homework. What happened to the times, when you learned to manage your time and be able to play sports and get your homework done. So let's just say that I wasn't in a very good mood for practice and it wasn't an easy one for only being an hour and 15 minutes.

Things here are not beginning to look like Christmas, so it is a little hard to get into the season, but we are hoping that once back in Wisconsin there will be some snow on the ground and cold weather to make it feel a little more like Christmas.