Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just Three Days

Just three more days and we will be home for Christmas. It seems like it has gone by so quick. This week is the week of getting everything ready. That started today with doing the laundry. I know that Chad won't be packing until Friday night, but at least then everything will be clean for him to pack. I just have to get through work tomorrow and the rest of the week will be a breeze. I had work and practice yesterday. I was nice and gave the girls today and tomorrow off. It is finals week and I have some pretty intense kids when it comes to school. So I figured we don't play until Friday, so give them some time to study and really finish everything before break. It was also nice to have a Tuesday off for real, I usually have to go to Concordia for Athletic Period, but with finals, I had a true day off. Chad was even able to come home at about 1pm. We went and did some Christmas shopping and he has just two more presents to buy. I am very impressed that he is almost done. I am waiting to finish mine until I get home, because I don't trust the airline that it will all come back in one piece. It is getting to feel a little like Christmas, but I am sure not as much as at home. It is in the lower 50's, so everyone is out in their hats, coats, and gloves, while we just walk around with a sweater on. We saw that in St. Paul on Monday it was the big 18 degrees. It was kind of nice to know that it won't be that cold. It is suppose to frost tonight, so everyone is outside covering their plants and pipes. The news makes a big deal out of having a frost, so it is kind of funny to watch all these people try to make sure their plants don't die.

This past weekend was not a lot going on. Friday was a boys game and Chad was nice enough to do the clock for them. Saturday morning I had a game. It was against St. Agnes (the DSHA of Houston) really. The coach was really obnoxious. All he did was yell at the refs and then he would tell the crowd to yell at them more. At half time some of my girls were complaining that they were swearing a lot, so I told one of my captains to tell teh ref what was going on. They didn't stop, so when I shook the coaches' hand I said, "there sure was a lot of swearing out there" he was this petty, that he came back with " yeah, I know I heard your girls". So needless to say I was pretty upset, it was just a joke to him. After the game I talked with the girls about how no matter what we do out there, we show more about who we are when we play and we do it with a lot more class then that team. Chad was a little frustrated also, so he was going to send a nice little email over to the A.D. I felt sorry for the girls on the team, to have to listen to their parents, who are adults, sink to the level they were at. So I told my girls to go tell their parents, that they are thankful they support them and do not act like those parents did. So now I am following that same advice, and thank you mom and dad, for not being those annoying fans in the stands, but instead to cheer us on no matter what.

Last but not least, what were the Brewers thinking trading Podsednik. I told Chad that this will give everyone something to talk about on Saturday. I bet that it wouldn't take even an hour before Joel brought the subject up. We will see most of you this coming weekend or in the week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Podsednik sucks, and as a result of his one fluke year is now wildly overpaid.
Perfect time for the Brew Crew to cut bait, and even got some talent in return....