Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Defroster or Air Conditioning, I don't know which one to use

This state is confusing. One day I need to have the defroster on to make sure that I can see out the car windows and the next day I need the air conditioning on, so I don't fry in the car. I wish it would just stay at a normal temperature. All this weather stuff makes it hard to get into the season of Christmas. There is just something about listening to Christmas carols when it is 75 degrees outside. Today it cooled down a little bit, but that is because it rained last night. It is in the 60's. We seem to have this pattern. It is cool, a warm front comes through, it rains, it cools down and then we start all over. I am not complaining though, considering it is like 30 up north.

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Varisty had a game on Friday night, so we went to that. Chad had detention duty on Saturday morning. He made the kid pick weeds for 2 hours on the baseball field. Then we didn't really do anything that night. Sunday brought church and football. It was nice to not have too much to do. This weekend I have a game on Saturday morning, it the the early childhood christmas program on Sunday afternoon and also the CLHS Christmas Concert on Sunday as well. I am suppose to be able to go back to work on Friday, since we go to the doctor on Thursday. It has been nice not being at work, but at least I just will have Friday and then 2 and a half days next week. Then it is already Christmas break. It is kind of hard to believe, that we will be home in less than two weeks. It will be nice to have a longer break, not so much for me, but for Chad. It will also be nice to have days off at the same time.

Basketball is going, we are now 3-2. We won on Thursday night. We play two more away games this week. We have the big ONE home game all month long and it is a Saturday game, so there really won't be anyone there. I was lucky enough to have Paul (the A.D.) let me get digital scout for doing stats, so I ordered that last week, so it should be here by the week's end. I am excited, since I have to do the varsity stats, this will make it a whole lot easier for me.

The duty of laundry is calling my name and so I must get to that. I hope that everyone had a good weekend, even after that devastating Green Bay loss on Sunday.