Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ben's One Today

I can hardly believe that Ben is one today. They were having a party and since we are 1200 miles away, we didn't get to go. I am hoping that they got some good pictures of him and his cake. I have a feeling that he will not hold back when it comes to eating his cake. Well when Amy or Joel read this, they can make sure they give him a kiss from his Aunt Erin and Uncle Chad.

This week has been hectic and basketball is over. We played our last game on Tuesday, we won by 10 or so. Chad is still going with baseball, but it has still been in the parking lot because of the wet field. We thought that the rain was going to be done, but low and behold there were thunderstorms last night and heavy rain this morning. It has now stopped and the sun is trying to peak out. They are suppose to have a scrimmage on Tuesday, but with this rain today, we will see how that goes. Varsity basketball is going to be on their way to Waco on Friday to play in a regional game and then if they win that, they will be on their way to Arlington the next weekend for State. They had a pretty easy game yesterday against a team from Corpus Christi, they won by 25.

We then headed down to Minute Maid after the girls' game yesterday to watch Baylor vs. Tennessee and then A&M vs. Rice last night. Pete went with us and it ended up being a really nice night. They had the roof open and it was just about 70 degrees. I talked to Amy while I was there and Joel was jealous of us watching baseball outside last night. Not too much else going on. Today we have been doing laundry and trying to clean up a bit. Chad has no school on Friday and Monday and I have the day off on Monday, so we are still thinking about going up to Dallas on Saturday and coming back on Monday. We have to talk to Adam and his aunt and uncle to see what everyone is up to. If not, we are going to try to get up there sometime in the next couple of months. I know that we are planning on going up there in May for his cousin's confirmation, but we are hoping to get there before that.

Chad is hoping to actually get in a game this week, even if it isn't until Friday. I think that the boys and the coaches are ready for this rain to be done, so they can actually start the season. Hope that everyone had fun at Ben's party and he wasn't on too much of a sugar high for the rest of the night.