Monday, February 21, 2005

A Warm President's Day

Well, we once again have this day off, but it seems that we are usually trying to get more stuff done than any other day of the week. It is suppose to be about 80 today, so it is nice to be doing these errands without having to put on our snowboots and snowpants. A day off from work, but it still means that there is baseball practice. Chad has practice this afternoon at 4, it is a day off, why isn't it at about 2? I don't make the rules, I just have to follow them. This past week was a lot of spring cleaning for me, I did a lot of throwing away and condensing of our stuff. Chad was worried that I was going to throw away something that we needed, you know like old boxes that held nothing, notes from a class back in school, or something of that nature. It has been nice not to have practice after school, but I am usually spending those afternoons alone. Chad seems to average getting home at about 7 on practice nights and about 9:30 on game nights. He had a game on Friday, I went and watched. They seem that the team could be half way decent.

Now that basketball is over, I get to watch Isaac Kieper on days that Christa has away matches for tennis. She has some of the students watch him during practice, but on match days, that can get a little long. So this Thursday I get to have company in the afternoon, granted it is a 5 month old. We debated all week about going up to Dallas for the weekend, but in the end with baseball starting and everything else, we thought that we would hang around here. We did go and register at Target for baby stuff. Mom Heffelfinger is flying us home on March 19th-21st, to have a shower for us. She was debating coming down here this weekend, but then decided that she could bring us home. So we are looking forward to that. Even though it is only for a couple of days, it is the beginning of our Spring Break, so it is a little time away.

Today is going to bring laundry and grocery shopping, so I better get to those things. Chad has papers to correct and days to plan for the week. Of course, we both left these things until the last minute. It seems to make our lives more exciting.