Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just One More Game

Well tonight is it, the last basketball game for the season. We are playing Houston Christian, who we have already played twice. The first time we played them we won by twelve and last week when we played them, we went into overtime, but won by seven. The season has been long and it will be nice to be done with, but I will still keep going to athletic period twice a week to take the basketball girls who don't play a spring sport. It will be nice to have my evenings back, but they will mostly be spent by myself now that baseball has started.

Last week was one of the weeks that I just couldn't wait for it to be over. We had practice and games, but nothing seemed to be going my way. On Thursday our practice got cancelled without me cancelling it. It was cancelled because we were letting one of the grade schools host a tournament at school and their games started on Thursday and no one told us this until Thursday morning, so let's just say I was a little upset considering we were playing North who we are pretty evenly matched against, but lost to by 5 last time we played them. Chad had practice all week, most of it in the parking lot on the cement, because the field is pretty much a swamp right now. They are suppose to have a scrimmage on Friday, but the way the rain is coming and suppose to come for the rest of the week, it looks like that might have to be cancelled.

Not too much going on this weekend. We are thinking about going down to Minute Maid on Saturday to watch some college baseball, there are 6 teams playing all weekend. Three games each day and it is like 12 dollars to see all three games, so we were thinking about doing that this weekend. It is also the Astros Fan Fair at Minute Maid, so we would be able to go to that too. Other than that, not too much. We have been thinking about heading up to Dallas maybe the following weekend, with having no school on the 21st, but it all depends on baseball.

Things are pretty much the same down here. We are looking forward to the visitors we will have coming in the Spring. We are also looking forward to all this rain stopping and actually being spring down here. I hope that you guys in the north are keeping warm and that most the snow has melted away.


Jon Mierow said...

We've had our fill of baskeball here, but it's not over yet - oh no. It goes on until the end of the month. And then what are Jill and Elsa doing? Why coaching valleyball of course! Why would they want a break from being at school? Anywho, it's great to catch up on what you guys are up to. Did you receive the gift from Jill yet? TTYL