Sunday, February 27, 2005

Basketball is Truly Over

Well it can be said the whole season is over for the Concordia Lutheran Crusaders. The varsity made it to the semi-finals of state and lost that game. That was on Friday, so the season is now officially over. That means that all we have left is the awards banquet tomorrow night. The girls had a good run, but just couldn't finish it. That means that now we can really focus on baseball. That meant that Saturday was a tournament at school. Chad was there at 7:30 and got the first game in, they didn't even play, and then it was done. It has been raining for the last few days, so everything was just sopping wet. So we will see how long baseball season even lasts, with all these rainouts they have had, they could be playing until June and the school year is over in May. It is suppose to start being nice and so hopefully in the next few weeks before spring break, they can get in all the games they are suppose to.

Not too much else this past week. I did get to babysit Isaac for a while on Thursday, but with the rain, the match was cancelled and they just had practice. This week, I get to spend time with him on Friday after school.

This week we go for another ultrasound on Wednesday, but it is with the doctor that made us wait for 2 hours. At least this time, it is at Willowbrook (which is where I normally go) and we don't have to drive downtown to the Texas Women's Hospital. I am hoping that the wait will not be 2 hours again either.

Other basketball news from Minnesota. Both of Chad and mine teams from last year went to the state tournament this weekend. The TLO boys lost on Friday and then again on Saturday, so that meant that they were out. The CLS girls won on Friday, but none of the Minnesota people knew how they did on Saturday. We were pretty excited to hear that they got there and that they are all doing good.

We are looking forward to coming home in just about three weeks. The time will hopefully go by fast. I'm sure that it will, it seems like the weeks just fly by. Even now without basketball it seems like Friday gets here in no time, but then so does Monday.

Well I hope that everyone is good. I hope that mom and dad enjoyed their weekend in Florida. From the looks of things on Sportscenter, it didn't look all that sunny, so I know that mom will have been disappointed. Joel and Adam Happy Birthday this week. Alan and Tracie Happy Anniversary this week.