Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Isn't it suppose to cool off in the fall?

Being in Wisconsin made me realize that I like seasons. I like the fact that you get to wear long pants and long sleeves and not be sweating and roasting. I left Milwaukee on Tuesday morning and when I drove by the clocktower it said that it was 54 degrees, when we landed in Houston it was a humid 95. I just don't get it, it is almost October and it seems like it is still August. It just doesn't seem to make sense. This weekend is the first home football game and there is something about watching football in shorts and a t-shirt that just doesn't make sense. I am hoping that is starts to cool off, I would be happy with somewhere around 80.

Well I left you on Thursday and we still had a few more days of our trip. Friday was spent in Germantown with the Janetzke clan. We went to lunch for Grandpa's birthday and Christina came with us too. We then just hung out at the house and talked and got to visit with ones we don't see often. Saturday was some more volleyball at Martin Luther watching Alex play. Maybe it was because it was so early in the morning, but they didn't do as well as they did on Tuesday when I saw them. Cousin Ben, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Joel met us at ML and then we happened to run into Cousin Kate, Uncle Alan, and Aunt Tracie at Kopps on the way home. Once home, Kate wanted to play while Ben and Maddie slept, so we took Kate to the mall to distract her and let the others sleep. It was also Aunt Jana's birthday, so we went to the nail salon and had a pedicure, that felt good. Then they went out and I went home to relieve grandpa of babysitting duty. Sunday was our first trip to Miller Park. We watched a good game, but the Brewers lost. We almost got poured on, but made it into the stadium with just a few seconds to spare. Then Monday was an exciting day with Ben, Amy, and Joel. We took Ben to Chuck E Cheese to let him run around. We wanted to go to the Zoo, but the weather wasn't helping us out. He loved playing the games, especially skeeball and the ducky game. It was a fun time and then we all went to dinner that night before they headed back to IL. We were suppose to be back here on Monday night, but we changed our flight and headed out early Tuesday morning. We then just hung out yesterday at home and today it was back into the swing of things with school and athletic period. This weekend is homecoming, but more importantly, it is the Michigan/Michigan State game, so I'm sure we will be watching that somewhere.

We are surving the heat, but hoping it breaks soon. I'm getting excited for basketball which starts on the 17th. Then life will be even more hectic than it already is. We can't wait to be back in Wisconsin and that time it will be for a little bit longer time.