Monday, September 12, 2005

Just One More Week

Until what some of you ask? Until Maddie gets to make her first trip to Wisconsin, that's what. I am really looking forward to our trip coming up. I am trying not to think about the plane ride and just hope that she doesn't scream the whole time. Grandma and grandpa Heff will be here on Thursday and then on Sunday Maddie and I fly home with them. I am at least thankful that I don't have to fly by myself for the first time with her.

The dust seems to be settling around here. At school we have about 20 new students with the possibility of a few more from the New Orleans area. We have a new teacher that was a teacher at New Orleans Lutheran and we are still always trying to find ways to help those families.

Chad had freshmen retreat last night, so it was just Maddie and I. We did pretty good, we took a short trip to Target for a duffle bag for our trip home. Then it was just hanging out and doing laundry. Yesterday morning Chad had to sing at Living Word (one of the association churches) and they were honoring a pastor who was celebrating his 60th anniversary of the ministry and it was actually Mr. Dobberful's (M.O. principal) cousin and a classmate of grandpa Bickel's. Chad went up to ask him about grandpa and then I asked about Mt. Olive. So that was a little out of the ordinary, but cool.

This week there isn't too much going on, volleyball and football are away, so we don't have too many afterschool activities to attend.

Maddie has started to roll over, so that is always exciting. She gets mad though when her arm is stuck underneath her. She loves to talk and has also started squealing when she wants to be noticed. Well I am looking forward to seeing many of you in the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to visiting with everyone. We'll see you soon.