Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Night Out With The Girls

So I got a night free of Maddie, well for about 5 hours. Last night we went over to Paul and Christa's for dinner (shrimp boil- I had a hamburger). Then Christa and I left Maddie and Isaac with Paul and Chad and headed out to pick up Kim and we went to this place called Papa's which is pretty much an old metal barn that has been turned into a bar. We just sat and talked and made fun of the other people there, especially the dancers, one guy even asked Kim to dance. I got home about 12:30 and had a fun time. It was nice to be out of the house not running errands and out with friends. Chad had an okay night, Maddie gave him a little trouble, but nothing he couldn't handle.

Friday was suppose to be football at Northland, but we ended up not going. We had gone over to Kim and Andrew's to cookout and by the time we were done with dinner and talking it was already 8:15 and the game started at 7:30, so we decided not to go and play cards instead. So we have had a pretty eventful weekend and are just grilling out with Pete and Luke today and probably just hanging out tomorrow. Chad got to watch football yesterday, so he was happy. Maddie watched the Wisconsin game and hung out with dad.

On the hurricane side of things, it has been a long week with all the news coverage and just all the people pouring into Houston. At school we are allowing students to come for no tuition and it looks like we might get one of the teachers too. We are helping them with clothes and just everyday things. One of the families have already said that they are probably just going to stay here. New Orleans Lutheran probably won't be able to get back into the building until 2nd semester and even that is wishful hoping. We are all trying to figure out ways to help.

This week looks pretty uneventful, 4 days of school, a few volleyball games, Isaac's 1st birthday party and then Chad has Freshmen Retreat, so that means I am home with Maddie for two days straight. Hope everyone is doing well and that with school starting has gotten back into the groove of things.

Shout Outs:

Isaac is turning one on Friday
Amy's birthday is also on Friday (I won't say how old)

Can't wait to see a lot of you in just about two weeks.