Monday, January 08, 2007

Back into rountine, sort of

Well we have been back for about a week now and we are getting back into the swing of things. The girls have been getting over their colds and getting used to the same old routine of being home. Grandpa Janetzke has been with us since last Thursday and will be leaving this Thursday. We didn't see him much the first couple of days he was here, but that is because he was at a conference. Chad and him did manage to get a round of golf in yesterday and today we spent some time at the park. I thought today was going to be the day we were going to have to take Maddie to the hospital. She was playing on the playground and at one of the spots of the play area where there is an open area, like where you can go across on the rings or climb up or go down the spirally thing. She decided that she wanted to get off, she did just step off, she did at least turn around and dangle herself off before falling. Good thing grandpa was there to break her fall a bit. I think she was more scared than hurt and just a few minutes later she was back to playing.

This past weekend we also got to hang out with the Keiper's and the Brennan's at the Keiper's on Saturday. There were 7 kids in all. Emma wasn't the littlest, Faith is just three months old, but then the next is Maddie and the oldest is in Kindergarten, so you can imagine what the house was like while we were there. It was fun to see them all playing and interacting. Even Emma was having a good time watching the boys playing ball in the house.

This week should be pretty routine. Emma has her 6 month check up on Friday. The girls and I are on our own from Thursday to Friday. Chad will be in Waco for a baseball conference. There is no school next Monday and then the week after that baseball starts. Not only does Chad have to get into a different mind set, but so do I. It sounds like we are going to have some visitors in March and then some more for Easter. We have started looking at making summer plans and hopefully we will get some of those finished sooner than later.

It sounds like it has been staying somewhat warm up north, I am still hoping that maybe there will be a little snow on the ground while we are there in February. I know that Maddie would love to play and sled.

We hope that everyone has recovered from the holidays and are able to get back into a routine of your own. We are praying for cousin Sam as he got tubes in today and also his annoids(spelling) out.