Friday, January 26, 2007

Vistors here in time for the sunshine

That's right, even though I will be going to Wisconsin in one week, grandma and grandpa Heff are coming here tonight. Grandma has a little bit of cabin fever, so she needed to get away. She figured it was either here or Florida and since we are here, she decided on here. Grandpa wasn't going to come, but he decided that he did want to come. It had been raining all week until yesterday, so they will at least get to see some sun and 60 degree weather. It may rain in the morning tomorrow, but they said that by noon it will all be out of here and sunshine the rest of the day. It will make my week even shorter next week. They won't be leaving until Monday, so then I'll have just two days before we leave. That also means only two days to get everything together. The week we are home is filling up pretty fast, but that is okay. That will give us a chance to see everyone. We then won't be back until summer, but we will probably be around for a little bit longer time then.

Baseball has been pretty wet this week, but Chad has managed to get some practicing in. Since it has been raining, we have been inside a lot this week. Yesterday we did manage to get outside and Maddie got to play in outside. We need to get one of those driveway nets for her, so she can't run into the street, but until we get one I improvised with a volleyball net. We had gotten a volleyball/racquetball set for our wedding and have never opened it. So I put the net on the pole and put it across the driveway. Maddie could have easily lifted it up and went under, but she just saw it as a stopping point, so that was good. I don't think that will last too long before she figures it out.

This seems to be reoccurring, but I hope that everyone is staying warm up north.