Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Weather Advisory

Yes, that is right. Texas is in a winter weather advisory. Chad had no school today because of the threat of freezing rain and ice. By us none of this ever happened, but north of us it did. As of right now there is school tomorrow, but it is suppose to be worse tomorrow than it was today. We do have freezing rain here and so that means that there might be a possiblity of no school tomorrow either. I love listening to the weather people and all the other Texans. They think that life cannot go on when the weather is this cold. We did go up to school for awhile. Chad had some work to do and so we went with him and Maddie ran around the gym chasing a superball.

Besides the cold weather, we are getting ready for baseball to start on Monday. The field is pretty wet, so Chad isn't even sure if they will be able to get on the field on Monday. Chad's dad had left us last Thursday for San Antonio, where the weather is even colder than here. After our day of jungle digging, we went over to some friends' house on Sunday night. The Odinga's had some people over since there was no school on Monday. The girls went with us and while we played Taboo, Maddie played with the dogs and Emma slept on the fouton. We had a good time and then just relaxed yesterday. Today with no school for Chad, I was able to get some grocery shopping done and some other stuff around the house.

On Sunday I did go to Michael's to use the gift card that my parents gave me for Christmas. I got some really good stuff for scrapbooking and cards. I have decided that I want to get Maddie's scrapbook done. I am only going to do the first year and so I have even gotten the pictures I need into a folder on the computer and now I just have to send them to Wal-Mart. I am hoping to get hers done and all the while get Emma's organized to do when I can. I even got started on some Valentine's.

The girls are doing good. We rescheduled Emma's 6 month check up for this Friday. We ended up going to Waco last Thursday with Chad for a baseball coach's conference. Emma is getting up on all fours and starting to rock back and forth. Maybe by the time we head to Wisconsin she will be crawling. Maddie is Maddie. She is starting to throw more tantrums, when we say no to her. She also is just starting to use no back to us. I think that that is pretty good. 19 months and now she is starting to use no. She usually says no to everything, even if she means yes. You will ask her if she is ready to eat and she says no as she is climbing into her chair.

Hope that everyone up north is keeping warm, I saw that it is pretty cold up there too. I also heard that there is snow. Maybe some of it will stick around for Maddie to play with in two weeks.