Monday, January 22, 2007

Baseball Is Upon Us

Yes, the day has finally arrived, it is the first day of baseball for Chad. After having a two day week last week, he gets to dive right into a full week of school and practice. It is still sometimes hard to believe that baseball is starting when it is still January, but it is 50 degrees outside. There are some baseball seasons up north that you are lucky if you hit 50 at all during the season. It is suppose to cool down a little again and also there is suppose to be some more rain this week, so that might put a damper on practice a little bit, especially since basketball is still going on, so the gym is still in use. Okay enough about baseball.

So after the short week of school we decided to not do too much this weekend. We watched half of the JV girls game at school on Friday after school. We went to pick Chad up since Emma had her 6 month check up that morning. I'm glad to report that she is a healthy one year old. She is still off the charts for both height and weight. Maddie was the same way until 18 months old. Maddie is still off on the height, but right on it for weight. I am assuming that is how Emma is going to be too. I was also not surprised when Dr. Karr said that Emma has allergies too. You can tell just by the way she breathes. So we will have to endure these also until she can get tested. Saturday there wasn't much going on. I got the grocery shopping done, I pulled two more rosebushes and we just hung out at home watching basketball. Yesterday we went to Phill and Shelly's for the Bears game. Maddie had fun chasing the dog around. Everyone was happy with the outcome of that game, but I don't think everyone was with the Colts winning. It was a good game. We left from their house after the 1st quarter and it we turned it on when we got home, but I really didn't start watching it until the 4th quarter, just when it was starting to get good. With us going over to Phill and Shelly's right in the middle of the day, I was counting on Maddie falling asleep in the car on the way over and being able to lay her down for a little while at their house. Well she fell asleep on the way over, but then didn't want to stay asleep once she knew where we were. So she kept herself going the whole afternoon. When we got in the car to come home, she was out before we even got out of their subdivision, we then laid her on the couch at home. I thought that she would wake up while being out in the living room, well she did about a half hour later, just long enough to get her diaper changed and pajamas on. So then she went right back to sleep in her crib. So she went to bed about 6:30 last night and got up at about 7 this morning.

This week is just going to be adjusting to Chad getting home a little later. I know we will manage just fine, but it will be an adjustment. Nothing too big going on this weekend. We are heading out in a week from Thursday for Wisconsin. While we are gone it sounds like Chad is hosting a Superbowl party. Hope everyone is staying warm up north. I heard there was a little more snow, now if it could just stay around for about 2 weeks, so Maddie can play in it a little bit and maybe try out sledding.