Thursday, April 05, 2007

Have You Seen Our Dad?

Our daddy was last seen on Sunday bedtime, can you help us find him? We miss him a lot and hope that he can tuck us in tonight.
Love, Maddie and Emma

Chad has had three games in a row this week, so that means that he hasn't seen the girls since we put them to bed on Sunday. Or should I say the girls haven't seen him, because he does go check on them when he gets home from his games. Usually they play only Monday and Tuesday back to back, but with today being Maundy Thursday they moved today's regularly scheduled game to yesterday. Tomorrow and Monday are no school, so I think Chad is looking forward to having this little break. I haven't really talked to him in three days either. Monday I did wait up, but both Tuesday and yesterday I was sleeping by the time he got home.

I'm sure we will have some pictures after this weekend. We have the Easter Egg Hunt at church on Saturday and so we have signed Maddie up for that. I think that she will have a blast.

We are having another visitor next week. Anne is coming from Orlando because she is on spring break. So the girls and I will get to hang out with her for a few days next week.

If we don't blog before then, we hope that everyone has a Blessed Easter!!