Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Again

That's right, Maddie has another double ear infection. She woke up yesterday with a temp of 102. Chad stayed home from school. We were doing alright. She wasn't her normal busy self. She went down at about 1:30 and then about an hour later she woke up crying and also gagging. I took her into the bathroom, in case she was going to through up, she never did. Then I checked her temp. again, this time it was 103.9, so off to the doctor. He said along with her ear infections she has a sore throat, so that is what is making her temp so high. We are now on antibiotics and also have another appointment next week to check her ears again. So that is what we are battling here. Emma is doing just fine, I am just trying to keep her from not drinking out of Maddie's cup, I don't need her with a sore throat.

Besides battling illness, things here are good. This weekend was a pretty lax weekend. We had people over on Friday for the Brewers/Astros game. I couldn't believe they lost. Then we watched the next two games and were very pleased with their outcomes. I did think they were going to blow it on Sunday, but they proved me wrong. Then last night to pull out the win at Wrigley in the 12th. We are on a roll. I haven't said anything down here about last weekend, but after this weekend if we take the series, then I might have to give some people a hard time. I don't think we are going to get any of the games this weekend. We did think about it, but now with Maddie's ear infections, I don't need to be downtown and her temp spike up or something.

Chad is getting summer baseball stuff in order. That is what is taking up most of his time now. It is nice to have him home before 6pm and to actually eat dinner with him.

I better get back to Maddie. She is contently watching Sesame Street right now, so maybe I can get the dishwasher unloaded.

Sorry I don't have any recent pictures to post. Things have been crazy and the couple times I wish I had my camera, I didn't have it with me.