Thursday, April 26, 2007


Do you know what it is like to fight with a 23 month old to take 3ml of medicine? It is all in a days work here in the Janetzke house. Maddie has been on antibiotics since Monday and I haven't had any problems with her taking her medicine until this morning. She was actually running away from me not wanting to take it. I tried to bribe her with her nuk. I told her she could have it back if she took her medicine, well that didn't even work. For those of you who don't know, Maddie is pretty attached to that thing. We are trying to get her to not use it, but then this week when she got sick she hasn't been without it. She would have rather not had the nuk for the last hour and a half than take her medicine and get it back. She has finally decided to take the medicine and get her nuk back.

Grandma H. just called to say that her and grandpa are coming in two weeks. They are coming on Mother's Day weekend.

The Brewers/Astros again this weekend. Hopefully the Brewers can take 2 out of 3.


Anonymous said...

Do you want me to talk to her....I'll lay the smack down....miss you guys...