Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can They Pull It Off?

That seems to be the question of the hour, of the week, of the next 6 days. Can the Brewers pull it off? If they keep playing like the last two nights then I have no doubt. It was disappointing last week being at the game, coming back in the top of the ninth, to then lose it in the bottom of the tenth. We had a great time. We got to the stadium early and watched the end of batting practice from a few rows back. Then we headed up to our seats, got our dinner and just enjoyed the game. Sarah and Josh met us there and it was fun to just hang out. Sarah is originally from Park Falls Wisconsin, but she knows nothing about baseball. It was like watching a game with Katherine. We had some really good laughs. We watched them the rest of the weekend while playing the Braves. I have come to the conclusion that I can't watch them. Chad usually has it on, but I can't watch. It is too nerve-racking and it will be for the next week.
The rest of the week was taken up by volleyball on Thursday, football on Friday, and watching football and baseball the rest of the weekend. Friday we also went to Pump It Up with some friends. Pump It Up is an inflatable place. It was fun, (on the picture below- Maddie is up on the top left. Gabe on the right is Sarah's son)
Maddie loved the slides and so did Emma. I had to carry Emma up them, but she loved it anyways. Chad was a loner at football on Friday. I decided to stay home and just hang out with the girls. Saturday came good ol' grocery shopping and then a trip to IKEA with Sarah. We had a good time. I got a shelf for the kitchen and a desk for our room for all my scrapbooking/stamping stuff. Saturday night Steve came over for dinner and baseball.

Sunday I was taken back to the days of high school physics. Wilkes came over for the Texans game. Michael needed some help in Physics and so I was the one who helped him. It took me awhile to remember some of it, but once I read a little it all came back to me.

This week we have been "watching" the Brewers and keeping an eye on the Cubs. Last night Maddie and Chad set up a fort. Maddie was having a great time. If you want the in depth story you can go to Chad's blog. (link at right)

It may be nerve-racking, but I sure hope the Brewers pull this off. GO BREWERS!!!


tray said...

i've figured it out. anytime i attend a brewers game. they lose. i don't think i've been in attendance for a 'winning' game since... oh.. when i was in gradeschool.

so what have i learned?

i'm staying as far away from the stadium as i can. :-P

but i did get some good free food and drinks in one of the "founders suite" boxes... the pictures of that are over here. :-)